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Why am I suddenly in the search engine abyss?

So about a month ago, I used SEO techniques to write a better and more descriptive description. My impressions, views, clicks, and orders all increased. My conversion rate went down, but that makes sense if I was suddenly getting a big boost in views.

Anyway, about a week ago I saw a sudden and precipitate decline in all my stats (except conversion rate) and I’m wondering why. I’ve done a little adjusting to my gig over since my big changes, so I’m wondering, did I do too much messing about? I know I’ve talked to lots of people with similar experiences. Do you guys have any tips for emerging from the search engine abyss, or does it just take time?

You try to look like your gig name

The problem is because search isn’t working.

I already reported it to fiverr support, but it seems they refuse to fix it.

  1. RELEVANCE, BEST SELLING and NEWEST ARRIVALS are showing the exact same result, so if you want to make some of these filters to work , you will need to refresh the page, then it shows the right results.

  2. if you search for any keyword, you will see the in REFINE RESULTS, the first option is already marked, BUT it’s showing all the results (not the already marked one only).

I suggest to also contact fiverr support to try fixing this, or wait to have some luck.


Thanks! That makes me feel better about it.

I wouldn’t think this way because we are getting prejudiced by an issue that fiverr seems not to care about, and everyday it passes like this, is one day more prejudicing our gigs

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