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Why am not getting new orders

why am not getting new orders as am doing well and getting good reviews still no buyers please help me to reach out more


hey there you intro is very very good .


Your video states unlimited revisions but on your gig it says only 2 revisions. Maybe some buyers see this contradiction and are confused so look else where…


I would definitely NOT offer ‘unlimited’ revisions. Stick to one or two at most.



Well, I guess it depends on the taste but I can definitely say that you are mostly working with quite “old-fashioned”/corporate styles and that’s quite a niche nowadays. I would say that fiverr is more platform for smaller creative businesses and the corporate clients that come here they go directly to “pro” gigs because they can afford it. You can find a loooot if designers with the same skills and offering the same designs just for 5$.
On the other side for logos that does take a bit more creative side in your portfolio like a ballerina logo lacks “authenticity”, it’s still too technical but already not corporate style, so it’s quite confusing for your clients what are they going to get at the end.

At the same time I really like your brochures, maybe you need to concentrate on that and develop that gig more and with that you can get repeat clients that come back to you when they need marketing materials.
Find your niche and develop it.

But that’s just my 2 cents and every opinion here is very personal and shouldn’t be taken as a point of action.


As per your profile details, you joined Fiverr last month, and you have done 17 jobs (at least, there might be unrated work done as well), on top of that, currently it says that your last delivery was 2 days ago, and you are complaining about not getting a new job?!

Many of us got the first order after months of creating our accounts…