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Why analytics as "n/a"

hey, i had joined fiverr some time ago but left it due to some reasons. but i have again joined, you can say me to be newbie now,LOL. However, I have to issues to talk here. first one is GIG ANALYTICS, i mean why do i see "N/A’ AND am i the only one facing this issue or everyone? BTW, i recently heard from couple of people that fiverr is facing some bug, is that right? If yes then in how much estimate time, this bug is gonna get solved?
Well, coming to another thing, I have created almost 5-6 gigs on my account and as far as i think, I have done their best SEO but they have not been performing good lately. They used to appear on 1st or 2nd page a week ago maybe and now most of them have moved to 3rd or 4th pages when searched. Suffice it to say, I want help from people reading this, kindly review if you have some spare time like couple of minutes and let me know if I have made some errors in gigs in SEO or something else related. I would be much much thankful to the people reviewing my gig and telling me possible issue. God bless you. Take care.


My, my, my, my, my. Another one. Great.

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Check this out: Gig analytics “N/A”