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Why any of my gigs was never on first page?

Hello guys !

I can see on first page gigs with 1-2 sales, or gigs with 30% cancelation rate. How they got their gigs on first page ? Do You need to pay for that or something ?

This is my gig. I got like ~$60/every order until now, I’m online like 14-16 hours/day but still nothing.

Why ?

Thank You !

Some things are not given to us to understand.

Reply to @misscrystal: I think that too.

@dukanu Dear friend, Mostly I think this happens with luck of us. There are millions of sellers on fiverr. So all the sellers can’t come to first page. This is a competition my friend. So keep trig. And add more gigs. I saw your gigs , Actually they are not bad. They have good sales.Don’t worry. Keep trig , Good luck!!


I know my gigs are not bad.

I dont complain about me.

But I can not understand how ppl with 30% cancelation rate and without any feedback for months can stay 2 weeks on first page.

They told sometimes, only good and active gigs can be on first page and they select them.

Can you pay to be on first page ? For me looks like yes…

The gigs that are featured or placed on the front page are chosen by the Fiverr editors, however a certain number of gigs are randomly rotated through for a couple weeks at a time, and some show up specifically aimed to each viewer depending on the gigs they’ve previously browsed (and therefore the cookies on their computer). So if I happen to be looking at logo gigs, I’ve noticed that I see more logo gigs on the front pages, maybe including the ones I looked at as well as other similar gigs, unless I clear my cache & cookies. People have shared on the forums that they requested that their gigs be considered by the editors to be on the front page, but from what they’ve said that only happens once in a while.