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Why Appropriate Gig is now Denied?

My only one gig (5 :star:) has been denied.
It was category Spiritual & Healing.
My buyers was 100% satisfied.

Now Fiverr told me it is Not Appropriate :interrobang:
There are 592 Services available under this category
Some active are doubtful/superstition/magical type

Mine was a “Reiki/Magnetism” method (i am Energetician)
Fiverr is illegal for Distant Healing? since when???


Hm maybe you changed your title? Or that you broke one of the Fiverr’s ToS.

Contact to support regarding this. they didn’t notify you why it’s denied?

  • It seems your Gig is not appropriate for the Fiverr marketplace. We suggest that you do some research on the Fiverr platform to see what type of Gigs are offered and in demand by our buyers.
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Maybe your gig description seemed too medical related.
eg. saying things like “Can eliminate illness and disease”.

The community standards says:

We do not allow services that are meant to provide any medical treatment, advice, or supply


It could be this issue, you maybe right uk1000.
I created my gig in February so i am very surprised to be denied now!

So my gig is definitely killed :sob:?
If i create similar without the terms illness or disease it won’t be denied anyway?
It was my only gig, my good rank and my stars are lost too?

Your reviews are still there …

Don’t make promises about outcomes when you create a new gig.


Thanks a lot for your advices :pray:t2:

I thought that describe the best about benefits could help a buyer to decide if my service was good for him/her. I feel so hurted that i will never make this mistake again :broken_heart: