Why are all my gig in red colour



It means your gig impressions or traffic has gone down.


please how can i get my impression or traffic up, i need those colour to be green

  1. Are you GIGS optimized?
    You need to use proper keywords in title and description etc and make your gig stand out.

  2. Did you have a lot of cancellation lately?
    If you had a lot of unhappy clients and late orders lately then you need to deliver your gigs more efficiently and make your clients happy for good 5 star reviews.

  3. Have you promoted your GIGS outside fiverr?
    You need to promote your GIGS in relevant facebook groups, forums and blogs etc to bring traffic to your gigs.

Do these and hopefully those arrows will be back to green soon :slight_smile:


Wow. Awesome tips, Thanks alot, I really appreciate


hello @shiv_graphix

awesome tips bro.
thank you so much its really helpfull.


Red Color??? HAHA… :joy:That’s the best thing i’ve ever heard about Gigs. Keep it coming. :laughing: