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WHY are buyers so dominant over sellers?

So this is my experience on fiverr that I feel that buyers are so dominant over sellers.
Don’t you think?
I mean firstly, most of the buyers from the start have the concept of “Five-rr” in their mind, So most of them don’t really want to budget more than $5.
Then they need a highly professional work to be delivered in that amount which worth nothing.
Thats not the last thing, Even then they need some revisions too. The most terrifying thing for seller is a BAD review, of which buyer holds all the chains.
Even 4 stars seems so less after all that effort is put into work by the seller.

If you have same experience do share, Or tips to avoid these things will be highly appreciated.

Follow the money.

Some buyers are just troglodytes, and should be treated as such–but as in the real world, when you’re flashing a bit of cash about, you can get what you want. Haven’t you seen some of the grovelling suggestions here that insist treating the buyer like a God?

There are no tips. Be professional, and don’t bend over backwards for people who’ve come to expect it when they never deserved it in the first place. A revision is fine. 10,000 revisions to adjust incredibly minor details that they can do themselves in 2 seconds is not (in this case, be sure to implement a “one revision a day” policy, in which that ‘change the font size to a little bit bigger please’ becomes a laughable odyssey of their own making. And yes, I have suffered those clients before (they never leave reviews)

I’m a buyer and I totally agree with you… the fact is the whole marketplace is skewed to buyers… I think you really have to be creative about what you’re willing to give someone that won’t eat up your time and be SUPER CLEAR about revisions etc… good luck man!

I’ve never compromised on the quality of my work, But some buyers are just so annoying.

All things you have suggested can be applied to Level 2 or Top rated sellers, Who got orders anyway. But to those who struggle before 50 orders, are really under pressure of bad reviews and doing work even for free. Well, $5 are equal to be considered as free.
And I’ve heard that phrase from sellers that treat you buyer like he is a king or something.

They apply to everyone.I got orders from my first week as a no-leveller without any issues. Fiverr does, despite the daily ‘how I’m to get my frist order plz?’ posts, promote new gigs. If your gig looks good, doesn’t use stolen images and has reasonably good English. After that, just do good work. 99% of buyers are perfectly nice people, and when you get the bogeybuyer, well… it sucks.

I’ll treat the buyer professionally, and treat them well until they’re rude–after that, I’m professional, but they’re not getting a shred more than that. “The customer is always right” is a dangerous maxim to live by. What if the customer is a rude, arrogant moron who wants it all his way?

I get that buyers can be frustrating, today I had to refund a $40 order that took me a while to do, because the buyer didn’t think my work was up to his impossible standards.

However, that’s part of the Fiverr experience, some buyers love my work, some become repeat customers, others either leave nasty reviews, demand revisions, or refunds. In this situation, the buyer wanted a revision but I didn’t like his attitude, so I refunded him.

Just remember that bad buyers are the exception, not the rule.

Actually, I think her suggestions can work for all sellers no matter their level. I like you, am only at level 1 but I set VERY high standards. And, I personally do that because I believe I have the experience and skills to command a certain rate. At the beginning it was a struggle but I have been doing this a few months now and I’ve learned from my mistakes.

You just have to be firm. From my experience being firm but still very professional wins out. If you deliver great work then it will speak for itself and clients who recognize your value will be back.

Never ever get rude with clients. Even if they are rude with you, courtesy goes a long way.

Yes I believe the rating system should go both ways. As a seller we can rate the buyer but it is not posted on the buyers page which I don’t think is a fair practice on Fiverr. There are times when I get a buyer I wish I could inform or rather warn others about doing business with and Fiverrs system does not allow that.

There are certain buyers that really do that… they want highest quality for just $4…

But not every buyer is same… there are few others too, who care a lot about sellers and there hard work…

I strongly agree to you.

The big part of the issue, is buyer get reviewed, but we can’t see their reviews. Why review buyers if it is not available for sellers to evaluate buyers.

Exactly, That’s the question. Fiverr should review this feature to help sellers to avoid scammers

Good question @orcatek, but we came here to work on Fiverr and that’s just how this platform is. You signed up to this platform, so this is how it works.

There was one time when I felt that the buyer had the wrong expectations and was wasting my time. I convinced him that a mutual cancellation of the gig was the best option and it was. He got his money back and I got no bad review.
I would always cancel the order if a buyer is annoying me. Luckily my buyers are very friendly.