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Why are charged so High?


Hello everyone. I have been here a few years but started working actively almost 5 weeks ago. After my first gig $(40) I was charged $8. my second gig with the same client the same charges occur. The third gig came with a tip and it was charged as well.

Is this the fees? It’s a lot. I am just wondering why the fees are soo much and why are tips charged as well?

So on 4 orders with the same Client, I paid over $32 in fees.

Can someone explain?

Thank you


Fiverr takes 20% commission from all sales and tips. That’s it really. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow. that’s alot! Thank you :slight_smile:


It’s in the Terms of Service. You might want to read them, it’s a great way to learn a lot about how Fiverr works, and how to stay out of trouble. :slight_smile:


Maybe, but still cheaper than having a brick and mortar store. :department_store: