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Why are fiverr gigs priced so low?

Hi Fiverr Community. I am new here and noticed that the vast majority devalue the worth of a service. My first inclination was to sell songs/lyrics until I saw them being offered for as low as 10 dollars. I don’t mind a poem going out the door for that price so I switched it up. I am just curious why in general the gigs here are so extremely underpriced.


Desperate people that doesn’t value themselves and their work.

Even on the forum you can see people offering to do work for free just for reviews (even if it’s not possible).
Plus fiverr is international platform and in some countries 5$ can go a long way and in some for 5$ you wouldn’t even be able to buy yourself a lunch.

Competition is tough and some people a choosing the strategy “the cheaper the better”.
And of course some people come here with no skills after seeing this YouTube videos on how to make money on fiverr with bno skills and of course those people price themselves even lower.


I’m a hip-hop ghostwriter here on Fiverr and I understand your pain. I do offer a $10 service but that’s mainly for a 4-bar chorus or a sample. My 16-bar verse is set at $40 at the moment and I raise the price by $5 every summer. If someone wants a full song done (two verses and a chorus), that’ll run them $90.

Even at $40 a verse (not to high, not to low), I still feel like it’s a good deal for what I bring to the table. This month alone I’m a see about $500+ in total, on and off the platform.

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There are so many countries in world which values 5 dollar as their daily income
and fiverr is an international platform you know , By accepting this fact fiverr priced as low as they wanted to compete everybody from world.
If your country is very rich then 5 dollar is not enough for you but you have an option to increase the money to 20-30 dollar in your gig , Although buyers request always comes in a budget range and in that range lots of people are competing each other.

The idea is simple " STRIVE FOR EXISTENCE ".

The goal is to offer services at the $5 price at the beginning of your tenure here. Once your talent begins to get you good reviews, word of mouth, and repeat clients, prices are supposed to increase. Not by a crazy sum, but a sum fair enough to justify your time and effort in completing a job for a client.

I disagree on this point. Some services, even when starting out, are worth way more than $5. Could you imagine a web designer charging $5 for any type of service?

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Good point. I actually have been inching up my prices and am still getting orders. Knock on wood!

That’s true to an extent. As an example, if I were just starting out here at Fiverr, and as a person familiar with web design, I’d be willing to sell some of my low-end, basic, pre-made templates to customers for $5 standard gig price.

Now if the customer wants a high-end pre-made template, or a custom-made template? That’s gonna cost them. But the former helps me gain a rep and a solid foothold through ratings and reviews, so later on, I can sell more of the latter.