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Why are Fiverr users stealing other peoples profile

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… is it normal practice for freelancers to steal other freelancers profiles?

What was stolen? Your name? Is there a gordonvander2? Stealing other peoples names would be stupid in my opinion.

What usually gets stolen are gig images, gig titles, gig descriptions. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do.

Just remember that if you own “I will do X for $5” and already have 100 positive reviews, some newbie stealing form you has a lot of catching up to you, and if you’re good, you will always be ahead of him.

I don’t actually care when people steal my gig description and even portfolio items.

They won’t be able to match the quality or have the technical expertise to deliver an order with the same quality as I do. So, they are just going to some bad reviews. The angry buyers can be found yelling and calling these sellers by name in the section, The Ranting Pot :smiley:

Unless you’ve found a way to copyright your profile, words are public domain. Use your energy on something else.

How do you figure “words are public domain”? Ever hear of copyrights?

Every freelancer should be unique and easy to readable, if some steal others content then they might be gotta down later.