Why are Logo's so difficult to obtain?


I have contacted about 10 different Fiverr’s that create Logos, I tried some new, recommended, and Top sellers. I have yet to hear back from 8 of them. 1 replied once and never again, the other sent me samples that look like my daughter (2 1/2) made! How do I stop wasting my time and filter through the bums to the people who want to work?


Hi there ,

Before you make order, you need to read gig destripcion and gig extras however with right info im pretty sure that one of ten will make something nice .


Maybe you shold reduce expectations and raise budget ? , just suggestion.


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Logo are the easiest to get designed on fiverr , you should check there profile , what is there responsiveness time and when did they deliver there last order , so you can know who are available to reply you on time .


Many people will claim they can do logo’s quickly and easy.

Sadly the truth is its an art form few people can actually excel in.

I’m not one of those people either , I do recommend however you try a buyers request.

Describe more of what is needed from your logo as this will influence art style ,

Specific and clear instructions will help you on the way faster.

Ask what their tool of choice is , ask if they do vector art (as that is much nicer to have).

Best of luck.


Logos done by professionals on other platforms cost 50-300$ and more. Your whole branding will be based on the logo shapes and colors.

So, I’m not sure what you are looking, but you either pick starter or busy sellers or you are too picky and look for 5$ perfection :slight_smile:

Truth is you gotta dig, dig ,dig to find a diamond seller here and than stick to it! Wait for the rest of the 8 and update your experience.



I can do a logo reveal video if your logo is done! :wink:


Hi! I have been making logos on fiverr for over two years (I was on vacation for a long period)

My buyers usually had the same difficulties back then. People would either take a lot of time to deliver or make something so bland.

You can try my service if you’d like. I value my customers and pay a closer attention to what they want. If i can work accordingly, I deliver on or before time and if i make something bad i simply cancel the order.



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you will get quality logo and fast to response time showing in my sample.