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Why are many people so vague and sending me links 'to discuss things'?

I’m quite new to Fiverr and so far I’ve basically received 0 orders for my (probably awfully designed Gig), but anyways I’ve received a lot of links to Discord,slack etc in order to ‘discuss’ things etc? Why can’t they do this on Fiverr? I mean I would like to stay on Fiverr in order to protect myself, since I’ve received many annoying messages (such as making an account for someone on UpWork with my details etc) and I’ve also received many messages that are not related to my gig at all.
Does it happen to others? I would like to ignore such messages, but as I truly discovered my response rate suffers if I ignore such people that obviously don’t want to order my gig and pretty often people are sending me links to other sites or ask to join groups in order to discuss some project.
Why can’t they write on Fiverr what would they exactly like to have and accomplish? Do others have such ‘issues’? Is it normal? Shouldn’t I and my customer only communicate on Fiverr so just incase something happens to me or my customer the Fiverr team can help us in resolving this or whatever.

I hope my question was understandable,
Thank you.

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I think you’re being spammed and you should report those messages. Fiverr does not allow taking business elsewhere.


thank you for your reply. Yes, ever since I’ve signed up I’ve only been scammed a lot and I’ve always reported to Fiverr.
I was just wondering if I’m the only one who receives spam /scam messages… Why me? Is there anything I can do to stop this?
Thank you

No problem.

I am a new seller and haven’t had any scammers (thank God for that!) so it might not be so common, but I’ve read about other Sellers (usually those with more successful gigs) getting scammed by similar messages.

You can try contacting customer support

Maybe they can help.

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It sounds like it is not unusual for a new seller to get these messages. As time goes on they will die out. Just report them and ignore.