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Why are my impressions going downhill and not going up?

So, I just received my Level 1 badge this month and was going ahead full speed. But all of a sudden my impressions are going downhill and the resulting fact is that I am not getting noticed by buyers and not getting new projects.
I would like to include that right after I got my level, one of my buyers refunded one of my orders and I was fully cooperative with it, but I got a warning for asking him to leave a review. But that is all that happened after that,
Here are my impressions in a list
12 December = 673 impressions
13 December = 870 impressions
14 December = 1234 impressions
15 December = 1017 impressions
16 December = 620 impressions
17 December = 538 impressions
18 December = 443 impressions
19 December= 242 impressions
20 December= 57 impressions
21 December= 26 impressions
22 December= 51 impressions

Now, what am I supposed to do? when I see my gig, It shows that it is active, but why is it performing so poorly??? I am not getting any messages from new buyers


As asking for a review is a violation of Fiverr TOS, It is the reason why your gig’s impression got decreased. You’ll need to complete a order, then your impression will start to increase.


hi i am new fiver and think you :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have already completed many orders under this gig before and have got 5 star reviews, but actually I have not completed any orders under this gig after the violation. Perhaps you are right, I do have an order running that I am about to deliver soon. Let me try doing that asap.
Thank you very much for the advice, I really appreciate it.


This is informative…I’m new on Fiverr.I don’t know that…thank you


We are all just trying to figure out stuff on this forum, feel free to ask and learn, good luck.


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I think it’s because of gravity


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I really got scared for a moment there, I was told that I will not need to worry about getting new clients on Fiverr after I reach a level. But this TOS violation just got in the way.
I will keep you guys updated. Another thing , do I only need to complete the order? or do I need a review to get the impressions up?

Maybe it is, guess I’ll have to defy that and try going upwards, how does that sound?

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Same problem for my gig. I have complete the 6th order but now I have no order.

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Do do have any lave badge or did you violate any terms and got a warning of any sort?

I think am experiencing the same issue. any help?

Who ever is feeding you this information is misinformed. Fiverr does not guarantee any type of sales after reaching a certain level. In fact, there’s an urban legend around these parts about how Fiverr will give a gig boost to new sellers. If that’s truly the case, you might find yourself receiving less orders now that the training wheels are off.

There’s no guarantee your impressions will go up after completing an order or getting a review. Unless you have written proof from someone in CS, this can not be verified.


same problem me too. please give us suggestion

It’s possible it’s because there are a lot of level 1 sellers in your region & in your field of service

Thank you very much for the information.

But that’s not the case, and that is the reason I am feeling this scared of the whole situation

I am facing the Same issue with my gigs…Is there any way to solve that issue.