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Why are my sales now coming from uk.fiverr?

Today for the first time I have two new sales from uk.fiverr.

And whenever I try to enter simply I am switched to uk. fiverr.

Has anyone else noticed this?

This is not a problem. uk.fiverr is a subdomain of It’s a backup server for fiverr. Maybe your buyer use this server to buy your gig that’s why you automatically generated to uk.fiverr

I’ve had that for the last week… I was wondering if anyone else had experienced it… But I was too busy to really start a new thread asking. :smiley:

Problem solved. Customer Service said to scroll to the bottom of any page and change the language from UKEnglish to English.

Ok. I was wondering the same thing myself

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Yup, same thing happened to me! Like you said, the fix is to scroll to the bottom and change the language. It happened to me after the site was down for a few minutes so I wonder if that’s why.

Will that affect search results on Google? or within Fiverr itself?

We are facing the same domain issue here, on all orders

Reply to @raselkhondokar: Thank you for answering. It is every page in fiverr for me, not just sales but everything.

Reply to @misscrystal: Be prepared to find yourself suddenly a resident of the UK again. :slight_smile: I have switched mine several times but it always goes back to the UK domain. I know it’s been happening to other people too so I am ignoring it for now. Besides, my Texas accent sounds very British. (Not.)

Reply to @misscrystal: cool :slight_smile:

Reply to @idesigners: That’s a good question. It is still happening for me.

This happened with me today and i don’t know why