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Why are my services getting such low amounts of traffic?

Hi! I’m new to Fiverr and have been on for about 10 days now. I do understand Christmas came around, but I worked hard on my Seo and tags to make sure everything is in order. Still, my traction has only gone down since, what am I doing wrong?


It’s not your fault,That’s normal, don’t worry
Continue marketing,
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Remember, you have a LOT of competition on Fiverr.

Much of that competition has been here longer than ten days.

Be patient.

If you came to Fiverr thinking you’ll get rich quick, then you are here for the wrong reasons.

If you are here to build a side income, it will take time to get there.

We all have gone through it.


Thanks for your honest reply and you’re right. Happy to hear there’s not specifically something wrong with my gigs!

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Appreciate your reply Aminur! How do you generally market your gigs?