Why are non delivering fiverrs not negatively affected


I purchased a keyword research package from Fragglesrock. Having waited the 5 days in order to get the keywords I was left with no keywords and no explanation. All attempts at contacting them was a waste and the gig was eventually cancelled.

The minute I selected the cancelled button Fiverr came to my rescue appologised that the person had exceeded the promised time did not deliver etc and added recomendations to others who would assist.

The first recommendation is the very same person who had not delivered Fragglesrock

Why does Fiverr not punish these non-providers. Maybe a fine, over and above the refund ?

This person is still rated a TOP SELLER, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and completely unaffected by his/her actions

I deal with such incredible people - come on Fiverr - it should work both ways.

Naming and shaming the Person - link below


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First things first: I think you’ll find if you read the Forum Dos & Don’ts at the top of every page “naming and shaming” isn’t allowed.

Yeah, it sucks that the system doesn’t always automatically weed out the bad eggs, but it’s possible that this was a one-time thing, and not that this seller intentionally or maliciously didn’t deliver. That doesn’t help you any, but I don’t think there should be some exorbitant punishment for occasional mistakes and mishaps. If this becomes a pattern, sellers are negatively affected. Not only does their rating drop, cancellations affect level status, and negative reviews (of which this seller has many, most of which mention late or non-delivery) ward away future buyers.

I don’t mean to defend someone who has thrown a spanner into your works, but there is a system in place to punish sellers who behave badly. Just because you don’t see it (though, not to be rude, but you should see it–that gig has at least fifty negative reviews on it), doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.