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Why are orders Slow these days?


I have noticed the slow sales these days, how can one overcome these challenges.


Read this thread.



Yes, my sales are so low now. Same gig that was making $800 a month now makes about $50 a month. I have been looking at other places to sell my services. Fiverr is messing up great sellers.


I am also in stuck . Everyday I was getting lots of interview and order, But now a days, No interview even no selling …I dont wanna die u-in hunger … Please do something Fiverr :broken_heart:



Fiverr is just testing their Algorithm. Hopefully, things will go back to normal soon.


Yeah. One of my high-performing gig is barely getting any business since April. Hopefully, this algorithm thing will be sorted out quickly.


I am also not getting as much sell like before. But i really hope they will get back after there algorithm update soon. :cry:


yes that’s Right these days are order very slow i also observed.