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Why are other sellers gigs advertised in the middle of OUR gigs?

We do not pay fiverr TWENTY PERCENT of our profit for them to advertise OTHER SELLERS gigs in the middle of ours!!!
Can you imagine a Pepsi commercial with a coke “recommendation” in the middle of it???
We pay you TWENTY PERCENT of what we make to advertise *** OUR GIGS *** and NOT or competitors gigs!!!
Have you ever seen a Chevrolet ad with a Ford “recommendation” in the middle of it???
What is WRONG with you???
This is neither ETHICAL nor fair and there is absolutely NO WAY that you can justify it!!!
We do not pay you TWENTY PERCENT to “recommend” our competitors in the middle of our gigs!!!
Can you imagine eBay paying for an ad and Amazon being “recommended” in the middle of it???
If fiverr paid to advertise on Google would you expect to see “recommended” in the middle of it?
This is just about the LOWEST thing that I believe you have EVER done to hurt your sellers!!!
What is the hell is WRONG with you???

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This is incorrect. It is not Fiverr’s job to advertise you, nor any seller. That 20% of your profits is the revenue-sharing you agree to, in exchange for being able to host your gigs within Fiverr’s service categories.

Fiverr can do whatever they want with their own search results. And you agreed to this when you read the Fiverr Terms of Service, and checked the little box – when you signed up for an account. You are in Fiverr’s “sandbox”. Neither you, nor I, nor anyone else gets to dictate how Fiverr chooses to manage their site functions.


Your gig also might be shown -as you phrased it- in the middle of someone else’s gigs as a recommended gig.
It’s normal, I see this kind of ads on every single online shop or market place.

I couldn’t resist but to read this using South Park’s version of Steve jobs. This line pretty much reminded me of the HumancentiPad


They would do this temporarily sometimes over the years and sellers would complain their sales dropped when they did it. To me it does not make sense to distract a potential buyer who is considering buying a gig off the selling page and direct them on to some place else.

If you care more about giving more impressions this is one way to do it but if you care more about getting more people to actually make a purchase this discourages that.

In my opinion That recommendations is equal with each sellers. Your gigs may also appear in someone’s recommendations if that matches the fiverr conditions.

Agree with all of you to a certain degree.

But what if the seller is working hard to market his/her gigs on social media, blogs etc etc and someone comes to Fiverr through that line but instead of buying from the seller who introduced/bought the buyer to Fiverr, they buy from a different gig recommended on the page.

You guys should do an A/B test.

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Once someone has actually clicked on a gig they have shown some interest in possibly making a purchase. That gig needs to do what needs to be done to encourage them to go ahead and press the buy button.

But then they see other gigs advertised on THAT SAME PAGE---- and they are gone, on to some other gig to look at that one.

Yes sometimes they get lost between the pages and we know how Fiverr’s search work. So it is more unlikely we would see that buyer even if they want to buy from us.

I like the new gig layout, but it does seem like a very odd choice for Fiverr to display other people’s gigs even before the FAQ.

Sellers use the FAQ to provide more valuable info about the gig, but before buyers even get to it now they see suggested gigs from other sellers. Seems like they may never even realize the FAQ exists.

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My buyers have not read the FAQ usually, they didn’t even see them for some reason.


Let’s note that this is a business site, and any of the good seller can get the job.
Fiverr is not and should not be concerned about which individual seller gets the job.
I think it’s our duty to make our gigs the most attractive.

All they want to do is get the job done on fiverr[dot]com and get their 20% gain which is sensible.

With this, if they present only one seller for those coming in through the gig link from outside, the buyer might not be interested in that exact gig. Offering suggestions or recommendations of other gigs will help keep them on the site.

Else they will jump into the domain of fiverr’s competitors.

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