Why are people allowed to rate after weeks,months,years ?!


I think that there should be a window period for rating an order… It’s far from fair when you receive a negative feedback after months from the time you completed an order , especially when the buyer is not responsive .

If Fiverr really listens,this should be solved .


I received 2 negative feedbacks after almost 2 months yesterday ( support removed them ) and they both were something like ‘’ pretty ok ‘’ :slight_smile: WTF ?


I’m a seller here, but when ever i buy anything i check its quality & uniqueness before leaving feedback. I agree its not fair getting feedback after months or a year.


Generally agree, except in rare cases where the buyer does not actually find out that there IS a problem until long after a purchase.

For instance, what if a buyer buys an article or some art or music, and thinks it is great and gives good feedback after the delivery. Then a week or a month or a year later, they find out that what they bought was in fact an illegal or plagiarized copy of a copyrighted or trademarked original. The buyer only NOW knows that it would be illegal or immoral to keep using what they were sold. So, in a targeted situation like that, I think it would be fair to the buyer to let them revise their original feedback. (And would also be valuable info for other potential buyers to know.)


The buyer should check that after the delivery…not after a year.


I agree! Really, I think there should be a 30 day window.