Why are people just so inconsiderate?


I should have used vacation mode…

Depending on whether or not I can pull 2 all-nighters straight, my Christmas might be ruined. I extended delivery times and removed extra fast delivery options. The result? Several buyers have gone and placed panic orders for what is literally a months worth of work.

I have buyers whom I have repeatedly asked to message me prior to ordering because they regularly order more than I can handle. I then inform them that I am extending delivery times up to 7-days so that I can take a break and what do they do? Go and blooming order batches of 10 - 20 articles. Either that or they go and find a gig which I haven’t extended delivery times on (as it never usually sells apart from to one regular) and they place an order there, regardless of the fact that the gig pertains to a different service!

It is just so inconsiderate.

As well, however, as being inconsiderate, this behavior is very self-destructive. This January, several of my buyers were unhappy with me raising basic prices from $5 to $10. They then all went away before coming crawling back when the next $5 writers they found just supplied them with gibberish.

Now, I’m actually happy with my current pricing. It is inevitable now, though, that if even regular buyers are going to ignore (or find ways to get around) very simple requests for custom deadlines etc, I am going to have to impose a ‘this is because you’re a bit of an ass’ tax.

I’m so angry. I’m angry at the mentality of people like this and Fiverr for this whole vacation mode/gig editing/ account review paranoia, we’re all ending 2017 with.


The system needs tweeking. You almost seem to become a slave to the fiverr system. But the as others have rightly said we don’t have to stick around.


I paused all but one gig and upped the delivery time for the remaining one.

Which has ‘limit allowed orders in queue’ activated and on low like all my gigs all the time - because for whatever weird reason we still can’t limit the gig multiples buyers can book; a buyer told me by the way that while there in theory is a max for the multiples, he could easily go over that in the shopping basket and he tried and could put as many as 526 at which point he stopped… (he didn’t order those, of course, we just had talked about it as he needed to order a lot of multiples to get to a specific sum and I’d told him that there’s a limit to that - more multiples are actually listed as one of the leveling perks… for me, it would be a perk if I could reduce them…).

So, the only thing that really can happen now is buyers without common sense ignoring my plea to contact me for over x words and ordering more multiples than any human can do within the delivery time.

I’ll turn on VM over the holidays, though, still. Because I have to work.

Merry Christmas, Andy. :christmas_tree:

ETA: Okay, so a thing that couldn´t really happen, happened.
Some minutes after I had activated VM, yesterday, on the 24th, I got a “new” order, with 3 days delivery time.
Which I saw in my mail today, so I had to log in and check. It is an order that I already did, delivered, and which got completed, last week or the week before. So, in between mailing with CS and trying to reach the customer to ask them whether I may redeliver the already delivered file/requesting for a time extension for an order I long since did and delivered… all in all, I could just have left my fingers off the VM button and simply treated Christmas as any other day, at least then I would not have to be afraid of the notorious “after-VM-fallout”. :upside_down_face:


I don’t know if it’s a better option than vacation or long delivery time but you could try to limit the number of order to 1.


I am sad :disappointed_relieved: for your experience Andy. I hope everything works out and you do have a great Christmas.