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Why are people not patronizing my gig on Fiverr-marymary2

Hi friends.I’m a new seller on Fiverr but yet to receive gig orders.Please view my gigs and make orders.I believe many events are recorded on videos these days and many people want their events featured in magazines including online magazines.Many people often record events on their websites as well.This is my job.I write on recorded events on video while you simply upload the article on your website or have it featured in an online or offline news outfit or publication.This,assists to draw traffic to your site and could serve as a form of advert,too.Try my services now. A trial will convince you and exceed your expectations.I am marymary2 on Fiverr.Thanks

Tips: 1. REAL profile pic!!!
2. People don’t like to be told what to do.
3. Don’t create extra work for people from whom you’re asking a favor (link).
Best 2 u.

Thank you so much mae.I will make amends asap.

Pretty much every writing gig expects perfect grammar. Unfortunately there are way too many mistakes in your writing and I’m guessing that’s why most buyers will hire someone else.

PS. What’s up with the missing spaces after each sentence?

Thank you.I will make amends asap.

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uxreview,hi.Please, I would refer to your comments above,Kindly point to me exactly where I have made mistakes so that I can make amends.‘What’s up with the missing spaces after each sentence?’ This was your observation.Thanks.Help me further so I can fix the mistakes.Thanks.Mary

See the edited version of my posting,please.Thanks