Why are people on TV and social media so angry all the time?


Guess we are in the Age of Anger, where everyone is always in the outrage mode. Calm down people, just do your work, make time for exercise (which I should do), meet real people (Ha!) and make sensible choices in your life. Stop worrying or outraging about things you cannot control. Do what’s in your control and stay within your “Circle of Competence” (Thanks, Warren Buffett.) Stop worrying about the rest of the stuff. Life is Beautiful, really.


Are they angry? I didn’t realize that. I’m focused on my work most of the time so I don’t think about that.


Good attitude - you are smart. I should do that as well. Generally people get angry about anything and everything these days. To give you an example, some people in India are angry over higher oil prices - oil prices have gone up because of Hurricane Harvey and Irma and because OPEC countries have cut production. But they blame the Indian government for it. This is an example of senseless anger. I’ve had enough of this nonsense. [People are always in an outrage mode because of the social media, and news channels feed into that. Negativity sells - it is the case all over the world.]


Oh yeh we do have angry people here too protesting lots of things lately, yelling about things in public places. They have reason to be angry and it is a good thing they are out there yelling about things so I have no problem with it.


You know, the natural condition of humanity is envy and perennial dissatisfaction - social media allows them to make a virtue of that. I remember how people didn’t even have footwear when I was a kid in India. Now everyone has smartphones, cable TV, washing machines etc. Yet, 100 times more dissatisfied, frustrated, angry. [The point needs to be emphasized - poverty is always relative, not absolute.] [I should stop worrying about what other people think - what the freakin’ nation does or doesn’t - and focus on my own life.]


I was blissfully unaware of what was going on in the world for at least five years and it was nice to be that way. I never read newspapers or turned on the tv at all.


I want to go to that stage as well. Why spoil my life because of the negativity of other people, people I don’t even know. My life to be honest is very good and I am very satisfied with my own circumstances. I am not going to worry about other people and their problems now. Will cut off myself from the news/social media and stuff completely from this point. Thanks for the talk, helped me realize a few things.


You can suffer from information overload. Try going without any news of the world and see if it is a viable option for you.


You are right…yes, I have to take steps to do that.


@misscrystal They oil prices went way up in the US too, but we do not blame the Indian government we blame the oil companies for trying to make a buck because of the hurricane. It was interesting to read your chat. Where did you disappear to for 5 years @misscrystal? I just woke up from a nap, :sleeping: and I think I need another one. Oh hum.


The hurricane in Texas affected oil availability.
I just lost interest in TV and newspapers for five years. It might have been longer than that.
It’s just been the past two years where I’ve started listening to news again. I really can do without it though. It’s a bad habit.


I don’t know… the celebrities I see here, on TV, are happy all the time :sweat_smile: Yup, our channels focus mostly on celebrities and their lives, rather than the real life outside the box - I guess that’s a psychological trick to wash our brains or something :frowning:

Anyway, I deal with plenty of anger from bad tempered buyers on Fiverr… beats any TV, newspaper or social media :sweat:


Yeah, I know Romania and Romanians very well, having worked for a Romanian news portal for 3 years. Really nice, calm and peaceful people. Don’t get tensed by anything. No strong political views. Live and let live. [At least the guy I work for is a real gentleman, well educated, very polite and friendly, always calm, always nice, always helpful, almost like a 55–year old version of Woofy.]




Maybe it is @Woofy31 from the future? CONSPIRACY THEORY #2
He even once told me that he is a man from the future.


Its sound like you angry because people getting angry!


He is angry about the politics in India, and if prime minister Modi would be elected again. He hadn’t commented still on the matter, but I think he started using twitter again.


I wouldn’t say most of the individuals on the TV are angry.

In fact - quite the opposite. I think that the Regular people aren’t nowhere nearly as angry as they should be.

Anger (or wrath if you’d like it) is a highly productive emotion, which, if channeled correctly, has the potential to do marvelous things. Especially in terms of bringing justice.

People in modern age are generally: hypocritical, ignorant, weak and outraged (not by their own moral norms imposed to measure the event/behavior which outraged them, but by norms imposed on them by narratives set by others (media, people, culture, hence the previous, “weak” and “ignorant” qualities)).

Anger is what brought the likes of Hitler and similar tyrants down throughout the history of the world.

The dangerous combination of hypocrisy, ignorance, weakness and outrage have brought the hordes of convicted pedophiles, child traffickers, occultists (spirit cooking) and psychopaths (no morals, no empathy) to power.

Individuals so unhealthy (on every level) and morally disgusting most regular people find it hard to even look at.

They’re everywhere - promoted furiously through negative selection. And only the smartest get outraged on angry.

Next thing you know, a guy mentions “boobs” on live TV and people want to tear monuments down. While children in Haiti are dying of starvation in the most gruesome suffering by dozens daily because the psychopaths and pedophiles have stolen the means from their aid funds.

In the mean time, most people’s main concern is the exact size of Kim Kardashian’s ass.

A tragic comedy that, with slight observation and analytical reasoning skills, makes the entire tragic comedy genre useless.


It’s basically because the moment anyone decides to live through social media, they take the equivalent of a common sense shotgun and blow their own brains out with it.


Raging on social media is a cry for attention from those who feel ignored or insecure in real life. (potus I’m :eyes: at you)