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Why are people promoting themselves in buyer requests?

I’m very new to Fiverr as a seller, but I’ve been helping my girlfriend (Whose been a graphic designer on Fiverr for several months now) out quite a bit recently. In both cases, I’ve noticed in “Buyer requests” that there seems to be a TON of sellers promoting themselves! Do they not realize that the only people who can see those are OTHER SELLERS? Particularly, OTHER SELLERS IN YOUR CATEGORY! Do you really think those sellers are going to purchase your gig?


I’m really mystified here. Why do they think this would work? More importantly, why isn’t Fiverr taking action against it? I still haven’t been able to post any offers in buyer requests because the only active ones are these self-promoting sellers!

This means I still haven’t been able to get my first order. :frowning: Although I know the value of my time and the quality of my work, it seems I’ll simply have to drop my lowest-priced package to $5 to get my first few orders (And some reviews). $5 for hours worth of work is pretty bad, but it’ll hopefully get me started.

Is anyone else encountering this?

This subject has really been done to death.


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