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Why are reviews coming through?

Hey there,

As we all have had from time to time, occasionally I get a client who I don’t want a review from.

As far as I was aware, if you don’t want their review posted on your page you simply don’t review them and their review will never show on your page.

Lately clients who I do not review myself still get to leave reviews on my page.

Am I missing something?
Has something changed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


That’s not how it works.

Check this out:


I’m posting this in a friendly way to try and be helpful…

Like many sellers who talk about wanting to hide feedback, I think you’re missing the bigger picture.

I assume you want to hide the 3 and 4 star reviews that mention your pricing structure. Both these buyers make a very similar point - they feel you weren’t clear about your fees. For one person to feel this way is unfortunate, but two…

So, maybe they are actually making a fair point - in which case their feedback is valid and important.

Rather than hit back and want to hide the feedback - instead take it onboard, understand where you’ve gone wrong, and improve it for future buyers.

You are clearly a talented artist based on the feedback about your work. However, communication that isn’t clear only leads to upset. These two buyers felt you weren’t clear, so they marked you down.

Don’t blame them - instead look at what you can do to improve.


It has never been that way. If a buyer back in the day gave you a “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” it showed. Now, if a buyer rates you less than 5 stars, that will show regardless of whether you choose to rate your experience with them or not.

Maybe you are thinking about how you cannot see their rating until you give them feedback. I think that is where you may have misunderstood how the new rating system works.



Wrong. If you don’t review them, their review will show after 10 days, and you will no longer be able to leave a review for them.

All you’re doing by not reviewing them is postponing when the review will show on your gig and profile pages, plus you’re removing your own ability to leave a review for them.


Except I think you can still share your response to their review - at least within a certain timeframe, just not review your experience with them - the one that goes on their profile. eg. I replied to a buyer’s review once even though I waited 10 days for their review to appear, and it’s again letting me type in a reply to a recent buyer review on the order page even though I haven’t reviewed the experience with the buyer (their review appeared after 10 days) and the “share response” appears after a certain amount of characters have been entered.

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Nothing makes me clean up my act like a couple of 1-Star reviews.

See the bad reviews for what they are…opportunities to improve your skills and your product.

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Okay, so I understand completely where you are coming from, however:

As an artist I constantly find a huge misconception with how much time and work creating illustrations take.

When these clients bought my package, it very clearly states that you get 1 revision.

However both these clients asked for 4 revisions, on a one revision package.

It also clearly states that you can purchase an extra revision for a very small fee. This is all stated in my gigs.

These two clients wanted changes, which is fine, and for both clients I preformed multiple revisions for no extra charge - as I like to leave my clients happy.

But there is a line, simply put I cannot do infinite revisions for no extra charge, which I feel is a very reasonable statement.

I simply cannot afford to pour hours and hours of my time into editing an illustration for no extra charge.

If you where to put this scenario in any other profession context I feel this is extremely obvious, for example if I go to a restaurant, and don’t enjoy my meal then yes, perhaps you get a replacement meal or an extra side for no extra charge, however what happens when that customer demands an extra meal, a side, two desserts and a milkshake?

At some point you have to draw the line and say “ look I want to make you happy but I can’t afford to work for £2.50 an hour”.

In both of these cases I asked for extremely small fees, and I can’t help it if the client is unhappy that they have to pay me for my time.

Again, I do understand where you’re coming from and want to change this, but I don’t see an alternative solution.

I can’t help it is a client is unhappy that I’m having to ask for extra money, but I as an illustrator deserve to be fairly paid for the time I spend on something.

This was never about laying blame on anyone and I always endeavour to improve, the large majority of my ratings are quite lovely - but not every client understands that if you ask me to spend hours more of my time on something, you then have to pay me for that time.

If you have any tips on how to change this, I’m happy to hear them.

Thank You for your help!


You have obviously never had a completely whacko client :’)

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Sometimes I am the wacko client.

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