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Why are sellers allowed to force unlimited extensions?

If a seller wants an time extension then they have to get my permission and also specify how long the extension will be. If they want an unlimited extension then they just need to submit any old rubbish, then when it is rejected they can take as long as they want to finish the job. Where is the logic in that ?

I was hoping to finish a job two day ago. The submission was a disaster and now I have no idea when it will be finished and doubt whether the seller is able to do the job anyway.


They can’t submit something that’s not the complete work though as they could get a warning for partial delivery.

Maybe ask to get a work in progress (even if watermarked). You could also ask them when they expect to re-deliver it. If it’s urgent you could get another seller to do the task (or an alternative version). If it’s nothing like what is described in their gig description/samples maybe you could ask to cancel the original.


There’s no logic. If they submit anything other than the delivery they were paid for, the sellers can be reported and they will receive either a warning or a ban if they did this too many times. So they are not allowed to send anything else other than the complete delivery. Even partial deliveries are not allowed.

In your case, if the delivery is subpar you can easily ask for a refund from customer support. It might take a while due to the holidays, however you will get your money back, no one is forcing you to accept any “garbage” as you said.

I didn’t say I was being forced to accept any garbage, and I know I will get my money back. My point is I have no idea how long it will take and I just need to get the gig finished. It might be a two day gig and there might only be a couple of small problems, but once we go into the revision process there is no longer a time limit. A two day job could turn into a couple of weeks. MY point is, if a gig has a time limit then so should a revision.


From the Fiverr Help & Education Center, I quote:

If you are a Buyer, you will see the option to ask the seller to provide a progress update for this order: You can ask your seller to respond and let you know the status of your order. If the seller fails to update you, the order will be automatically cancelled after two days.

“Stay in touch with freelancers until the project is completed, just like customers do when they buy a product in a store or anywhere else. For some reason, buyers sometimes spend their money and leave the order as it is which results in complications afterwards”
-Danijel Rodic – Fiverr Customer Relations Team Leader


The people who try to get you to do extra free are the people who would delay completion.

That is a huge red flag and it is risky and not worth it to work for people who try to get extra work for free. They never turn out to be decent people.

Just cancel the job when it happens and focus on attracting legitimate buyers.

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The problem with revisions having time limit is that buyers profiles are not affected by timers and often they don’t care to hurry up with their part of collaboration. Normally not out of malice, they are just unaware how harmful late deliveries can be for sellers or have other things on their mind and schedule.
You would be surprised how common it is for buyers to request a revision/start an order without providing sufficient requirements or sometimes any requirements at all and then disappear for days/weeks/months.
And then the seller is left with timer ticking, stressing out about their whole fiverr career being damaged.
Orders are atleast somewhat protected from this by having mandatory requirements, but revisions not so much.

That being said, any decent seller should be able to provide you an ETA, if you ask, and stick to it. If they intentionally provide incomplete delivery to stop the timer, I wouldn’t bother with revisions as this is clearly not someone you would want to work with.
Cancel and report.
If it’s a complete delivery that requires some reworking, that’s a different story. But again, with a decent seller it shouldn’t take long to redeliver and they will be clear on when you can expect your order to be ready.

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Totally. Awesome rule of thumb for protecting ourselves!