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Why are Sellers contacting me?

Okay, so I didn’t know what to put as the title to this but, recently, I’ve seen many sellers put up buyer requests saying that they can do something. I thought this might be some grammatical error due to people being on Fiverr from all over the world. So, I contacted the seller and asked him:

Me: Hi sir! I would love to help you with this! I can get started as soon as I get the requirements!
Him: Hi, but I don’t need help.
Me: I thought you set up a buyer request?
Him: Yeah, do you not know how to read? It says that I’ll do it!
Me: Oh, alright sir. Sorry for the confusion!

But in my mind, I was like, “Does this guy not know the meaning of BUYER?”

And today, I got a message from another seller who coached people in video games like I did:

Him: Hi! Would you like to get a tryout class of the game?
Me: Hi sir! I offer this service myself and so far, I don’t think I need any classes.
Him: But, I’m better than you! I can dominate you! I will teach you so that you can play championships.
Me: I’ve already played some and I don’t really have the time right now to participate.
Him: What if I give it to you for free?
Me: Thanks, but I don’t need it!

I stopped using sir at this point…

Him: Why don’t we play together and if I lose, you coach me and vice-versa?
Me: :expressionless: Like I said, I don’t have time to give to someone if they don’t order it! :slight_smile: Also, send me a friend request on the game and 1v1 me.

I proceeded to win and he didn’t message me again. :joy: Honestly, this is kinda annoying and is increasing day by day! Thoughts and your experiences?


It happens often. It is annoying, and I don’t get why they do it either. However, I finally stopped getting spam from other sellers after I edited my gig (got about 5 messages per day before).

I don’t think you should have accepted his invitation to play even though it must have felt great to beat him. It counts as communication outside of Fiverr, which is against ToS.

Also, you shouldn’t contact someone posting a Buyer Request directly. That is spam and can result in a warning (correct me if that was not what you did).

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No, I didn’t contact them directly. Not sure if that’s possible. I contacted them using the buyer requests! And yes, it did feel nice to beat him!

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Oh, it is possible alright! (At least if the buyer is selling as well) The best way to increase your Response Rate is by posting a Buyer Request. You will get so much spam. :wink:

But, good on you for not doing that!

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Hahaha, I didn’t know that. Honestly, my response rate is 3 hours and I think that’s good enough for now! :slight_smile: