Why are some buyers so Ignorant and dumb?


I don’t know why they don’t read the GIG Description . I have a GIG where I offer explainer videos and I specifically mentioned to contact me before ordering .

Forget about contacting me first , he didn’t even bother to read the GIG description .

Just suddenly ordered my GIG said -

"Hi… Can U do a 2-3 minute video,custom made… To explain an acne service that is a Dr online consultation. ( patient sends in photos and Dr sees and treats online).

Thanks. "

No script , nothing and I don’t do custom explainer videos . I mean , who can make an explainer video about 2-3 mins for $5 and in just 2 days :confused:

Now I asked him politely to read the GIG description but I think this will go for a mutual cancellation . I hate this!


I agree, it can be frustrating when people don’t read the gig description - that is the point of you taking the time to explain what you’re offering. However I would refrain from using the terms “ignorant” and “dumb” when referring to your buyers. Buyers often will read the forum and may come across this post. I know that it’s in The Ranting Pot but you still should be careful what you say. People in general typically don’t want to pay someone who insults them. Just food for thought


Your description is pretty clear. The only thing I’d suggest is to add “before ordering” to your line about contact. It looks like it’s possible that the buyer was simply asking if you could - maybe to get a custom quote - not necessarily actually ordering. It’s a stretch, but possible.

I tend to agree that mutual cancellation is the best way to go on this one. Good luck.


I do whiteboard so i feel for you. It happens to me all the time. I too have in my gig description to contact me before ordering.

I do believe that certain gigs require that there be a discussion before ordering for success. Some gigs have too many variables to be able to cover every possible scenario in your gig description. And worse, a lot of clients will see a whiteboard done off fiver by a company that charges $500 a minute expecting that you can do the same thing for $5. These $500 a minute companies don’t have one person doing the job but a whole staff of professionals (illustrators, writers, whiteboard specialists, etc).

Those who order without reading the gig description usually think all whiteboard software is the same. Not the case. Here on Fiverr the two main ones are VideoScribe and Powtoon. Each can do certain things better than the other. In some cases one can do some things that the other can’t do at all.

One thing they all have in common is that a good script is necessary for success. When a client sends me their script before ordering, I can explain to them what I can and can not do and if my gig is not what they are looking for, I will recommend they check out some other gigs.