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Why are some buyers so stupid?


I mean why buy a backlink and THEN start asking questions after it’s been delivered. I mean questions like “how much traffic does your site get?”. Then the are the ones who ignore your info and just buy and expect something you won’t deliver or even ask for it cheaper yes I’ve had then too !

Sellers don’t stand a chance to maintain their rating levels do they. Is it not about time the seller had a simple button with the words “Your order refused” !



Whoa dude… Too much tea?

"Why are some buyers so stupid?"

Buyers don’t have to be smart. It’s not in the TOS. They don’t have to spend their money. They don’t have to come to Fiverr.

I know it’s the ranting pot, but don’t bite the hand that feeds by calling even “some buyers” stupid. It’s not a good marketing technique.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Okay, so “stupid” might have been a harsh word for him to use, but…come on…I get messages from buyers on a daily basis asking me to do something which it states clearly in my gig description I will not do. I also have had a number of buyers who will buy the gig and in the instructions write, “I need blah blah blah, if you can’t do it, cancel the gig.” If you wanted to know if I had the ability do something…why didn’t you message me before buying and ask, which, again, it says in my gig description, to do?

It’s very frustrating and when things go south, the seller gets penalized, not the buyer.

We love our buyers, of course, but there are some, few and far between, that just ruffle the feathers…

voiceoverwork said: Whoa dude... Too much tea?

He's ranting.... ;)


Reply to @voiceoverwork:

I stand by the word, I don’t see it the way you do. I may be wrong but I don’t use fiverr for anything more then extra holiday money so I won’t miss it. Anyway, If anything I think by giving an honest opinion and showing you understand fiverr? it’s more likely people will buy as they know what to expect.

Anyway I don’t rant at buyers, that would make me stupid. I help when I can help but some people are not so much “stupid” … they just think I’m stupid. So stupid I’ll fall for their efforts. And it’s these that this rant is aimed at or those who are rude which perhaps is worse in some ways. I mean I’ve had “I’ve just bought your gig I expect this this and this and tell me when it’s done so I can check it”.

I’ve trained loads of people, I could nit do that if I didn’t understand people and their needs. So I’m not simply having a rant at people who are novices or don’t understand a subject. These people I help, and often discuss their needs over many messages before or after then have bought a gig.

But I think sellers do need protection via a cancel button, it’s just not fair that 5 of you could order gigs with the sole purpose of leaving netative feedback and ending my use of Fiverr.


Reply to @est1990:

As the Beatles said : I’m only …rant …ing!

(or was it dreaming) :slight_smile:


Keep in mind (and reminder yourself) not every user speaks English. Communication is key, and some things don’t translate well in-spite of speaking the same language. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @emasonwrites: 100% agree with every single word you said!!


Welcome to Fiverr! I ask myself that question everyday! That’s why we have the RAnting Pot :smiley: