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Why are some freelancers so rude?

I asked a freelancer if he can do my task or not with my first message. She just sent “thanks” and blocked me. I really don’t understand why she blocked me. If my task is not what she doesn’t want, can she block me?
One thing more. Why does not Fiverr provide “report” or “block” option for clients? It’s not fair. Fiverr support team! I don’t think it’s fair. I got bad experience several times with rude freelancers.


What was your message?

Maybe it is against TOS?

Fiverr provides “report” and “block” option for both sellers and buyers.

I think the only explanation here is,the seller might have been scared that you wanted to spam her message box,and sometimes they have bad influences on sellers, probably she was trying to be on a safer, nevertheless it was wrong of the seller to block you without hearing from you first,what niche are you opting for.
I am a 3D artist though,let me know if I can be of any help
And the block button option is provided for both sellers and buyers

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Maybe the seller also thought you were rude in the way you phrased it… sellers don’t usually block buyers for no reason whatsoever. Either way, I wouldn’t take it personally. There are plenty of other sellers.


I would also guess it was your phrasing. What was the message you sent, if I may ask?

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Never! I just wrote “hello, nice to meet you. i have a task for you”

Thanks for your answers. I just wrote “hello, nice to meet you. i have a task for you” on her gig. what’s wrong with that?

Did you tell her what the task was?

That´s a typical message a scammer would write.



If you don’t say what the task is, then yes, I can easily see why you were blocked. Whenever possible, have the ‘what’ of what you’re looking for in the first message. It informs the potential seller that you’re articulate enough to voluntarily provide the information necessary without them needing to ask or pry for every single detail. There are many sellers who don’t like to have their time wasted, and the vague message you sent implies that you don’t actually know what you want.

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