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Why are the animators using the exact same design style and animation

and it’s not even GOOD designs…it’s your basic explainer video animation with every single animator. I’m trying to get an animated music video done for my bands song, and I’m willing to pay good money for it, but the only responses I get to my gig request is the same stuff over and over with some of them having the gall to try to charge $100. I’m totally expecting the project to take longer and cost more then these basic animations, but I’m not gonna pay ,or wait for these basic characters customized or not. I’m looking for someone who does unique designs, and not using the same basic character creation tools everyone is using.

just ask them before you make an order : “can you make custom designs for my project ?”

I think an animation other than the generic explainer video stype is probably much more time and effort to belong on Fiverr. That’s my guess at least.

I think if you want that level of animated video you may have to look outside of Fiverr. The main reason you are seeing similar samples is because they all basically use the same software to do it. None of it is custom. That level of custom animation, is probably going to cost well into the thousand of dollars for true custom animation.

The reason this style is popular is because it can be done fast so can be monetized successfully, real complete custom animation cannot and is very labor intensive

The reason why they’re similar is that the sellers all use the same explainer packs from template selling sites like VideoHive (hopefully legally).

Custom animation for an MV would cost a great deal of money. Probably as @sincere18 said, you shall seek animators outside Fiverr. But I’ve also seen just a few sellers on Fiverr selling truly custom animations, but the base price is $100 with the new pricing feature of Fiverr. Probably it needs to cost more.

I think the ones that are good, probably are so busy they don’t have the time to check gig requests, so maybe have a look at the animation category, to see if there are any offering the style you want and approach them directly and ask for a quote, rather than use the buyer requests? I know there are some custom ones, I think there was a seller anigrams or something like that (sorry I don’t remember your exact user name) talking about the new more than $5 beta testing. I am sure a few of the animation sellers were doing the more expensive more custom gigs, with custom animation, but if you want something different to the template type ones, it is going to be pretty expensive I would imagine, as there is a lot of work in it :slight_smile:

All MY animation is original an is nothing like the out of a box Explainers. This also means that the time I need to create original custom work can be much higher than most can afford here on Fiverr.

My average 30 second spot is $1200. Since most music videos are usually 6-8 times that length it usually puts me out of the budget range to do longer more elaborate projects here on Fiverr. The big stuff I do as a professional, I just do elsewhere.

Please feel free to check out my gig and to see more check out my ANIGRAMS YouTube Channel.

Not every single “animator” here on Fiverr is the same… just most of them!



Mostly but not for me. I am not using template for creating video. So, every buyers will get different video in accordance with their wishes :slight_smile:

Dias Esa

Reply to @sue_mcl: Thanks for the mention. You did get the name right too!!! :-bd :-bd :-bd