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Why are the good seller's leaving FIVERR?


I have been using Fiverr for about two years, and have stuck with the same two sellers, and now their pages cannot be found. I am so sad because it is tough finding good sellers on here. Did they deactivate? emily8_writer & essaywriter16 was phenomenal sellers. I wish they would come back. Oh, well! Hope everyone has a great day.


There was an evaluation last week, maybe they were demoted and decided to leave?


Ohhhhhhh. I see. Good sellers are hard to come by on here. Some of the ones that should leave are still on here. face palm


Thank you for that! :slightly_smiling_face:

There could be any number of reasons why the sellers you particularly liked are no longer around - we can only speculate I’m afraid.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find equally good sellers to replace them.

Good luck! :sunny:


I’m searching and I absolutely can not find those equally good sellers to replace them. Any suggestions?


If the sellers you mention were writing essays (as the name of one of them suggests), papers, and other academic work, they might have been banned from Fiverr. Doing someone else’s homework (or school assignments, academic work, essays, scientific papers…) is not allowed. If that’s what they were offering, that might also explain why it’s difficult to find someone else offering a similar service: sellers either stop providing those services, or get banned.


Ohhhhh no they were proofreading.


I found (through Google cache) some of the gigs that one of the sellers you mentioned did, and it was definitely not proofreading. Or not just proofreading.

Anyway, if you’re looking for proofreaders, you should be able to find some good ones.


Proofreaders cannot proofread homework or any academic work. I know because I put that I would do that in one of the gigs I had when I first started on Fiverr. My gig was not approved until I took the word “academic” out of my gig description.


Oh WOW!!! Well, guess I’ll keep looking.


Thanks, a lot this helped. Guess, I’ll buckle down and proofread my own work.


I had no idea. My gig doesn’t mention the word academic, I just proofread whatever they gave me. I rarely do essays because 1,000 words is the maximum I will proofread. Most of my orders are letters, proposals, story outlines, blogs, sometimes poetry, classified ads, and once an admissions essay.

There are many great sellers on Fiverr you haven’t discovered yet. Even when you have favorites, it never hurts to try a different seller.

Besides, why do people leave?

  1. They didn’t make enough money
  2. They got a full-time job and no longer have time for Fiverr
  3. Their gig got deleted
  4. They’re angry about being demoted and are already making money elsewhere
  5. They lost interest

My best friend for example is an SEO marketer with real world experience, but he never got hired to do SEO, he was only hired to write reviews and then Fiverr banned those gigs.


It makes sense. Thanks!