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Why are there all of a sudden a bunch of top rated seller with no ratings?s

In my category there used to be only about 4 top rated sellers. It was also clear how they got there because they all had over 1000 ratings, meaning they’ve completed a lot of orders and therefore met the criteria. No problems there.

However, just now I noticed that 18 new top rated sellers have appeared seemingly out of nowhere that I’ve never seen before and have very little, and in some cases 0 ratings. How can it be possible for someone to be a top rated seller with 0 ratings?

Do their Gigs have 0 rating or their profiles? Because there’s a big difference at times!


It appears their gigs do, and their profile shows hundreds, however they don’t have any additional gigs, or the ones they do have also have very limited ratings (single digits). Again, it’s odd because I take a survey of others sellers fairly frequently and i’ve never seen these profiles or gigs before, which I find hard to believe if they were top rated. Something tells me some categories got changed, consolidated, or gigs got re-categorized etc.

It might be that they made new gig and paused old ones.


Possible, Fiverr recently sent me a note that they had changed the category of one of my gigs to a new category, it happens.


That’s the only thing i can think of but why would someone do that :thinking:

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Possibly because they want to try out something new, something they think might be better, or they got tired of some of those old gigs (especially if they feel they attract the wrong type of clients), or they have paused some seasonal gigs or gigs they’re no longer able to provide… People pause their gigs and try out new ones all the time.


I paused two of my gigs last month. The amount of work involved to complete them was too much when I needed to complete other orders.


I think that the fiverr team are playing around with their settings