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Why are there all these charges?


Thanks - for advice


The real question is, why are you asking about this on the Fiverr forum?


If the charges are from your debit/credit card and you do not know about them, maybe you account has been compromised and you need to contact the card issuer so they can tell you whats going on. Hopefully they will cancel your account so no more charges can be made.


the reason is I am asking is because I asked for someone to do something on Fiverr and then these charges appeared


Need some advice - how do I delete this now?


Reply to @smilerj: So you bought a gig here on Fiverr? Well, that’s how Fiverr works. YOu ask someone to do something, buy their gig and you get charged for it?

If you are saying that you only sent a message to a seller if they were able to do something for you and did NOT buy a gig, then I would contact Customer Support to ask about this.


Reply to @smilerj: You can’t. If you stop adding to the thread it will get buried under other new discussions. No need to delete.