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Why are there only 3 people in my buyers requests tab?

Hi I started selling on fiverr a few days ago and when I go to buyer requests there’s only 1 or two people there. Why is this and how can I increase it?

Fiverr only allows 10 sellers from each level to make offers on buyer requests. Because so many sellers who are level 0 or level 1 depend on BR to get jobs there are naturally more of those level sellers making offers to each BR. :dizzy_face:

Therefore, when 10 sellers like you, who are level 0, apply for a job Fiver pulls that BR from view. I had this happen to me many times when I first started out. It was frustrating! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Once you get to level 1 things get better. :wink:

You, can’t.

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