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Why are there so many foot fetish buyers ?! LMAO


i feel like there are tons of buyers on fiverr that have a foot fetish …it needs its own category !! "will you crush a bug with your feet for 5"…really lol … and more … if i go tru my inbox i can pull out a lot of them hahaahh


Well, I hear the foot fetishes are one of the most common fetishes around! So that might help explain it. And you might just be getting a lot of them in general, because you’re a good looking lady, so you’d just be more likely to requests about these sorts of things?

Hahaha, hopefully it’s not bothering you too much though, or making you uncomfortable!


i enjoy the funny inboxes i get from time to time …or the crazy products they ask me to review lol


LOL that’s weird. I havent gotten any bizarre messages yet… :confused:


I think the category would be bizarre. :wink:


Reply to @pinkkoala: I swear OG has had a few as well!! It is starting to get a bit worrying how many people are out their that have this fetish and how Fiverr is helping that increase :wink: