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Why are there such bad people?

I finished an order yesterday. and deliver it with plenty of time to the client.
the deal with the client was always excellent, he told me that he liked how the work had been.
Comenté que si quería agregar más cosas o cambiar algo. A lo que el cliente respondió. que no cambiará nada ya que le gustó mucho mientras se quedó, ya que cumplió sus metas
today I placed a rating 1.5
He said he did not like the work at all.
my question is: why are people so bad just to damage the reputation of other people with lies that will affect their work?


To be fair, your gig title is:
I Will Design Your Resume And Cover Letter And You Will Be Accepted

In your gig description you say:
Contact me and together we will make the best summary so that you are accepted in any job you postulate.

You’re pretty much promising the buyer that if they use your services they’ll get any job they apply for. If they don’t get the job, they’re going to be understandably unhappy.

From their comment of ‘Didn’t not help me achieve my goal’, it sounds like they didn’t get the job.


Ups and Downs are the part of life. Take it as a positive lesson and move on.

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I find the comment the buyer left is not specific. So there is no way to tell what she was unhappy with. I agree that it would take quite a bit for me to leave that kind of review for a seller. It’s very mean.

However you are promising they will get the job, any job they want so in this case I feel you need to change that as the buyer seems to have thought they would get the job based on the resume you supplied.


is that if I was not happy with something, I had to say it before the final delivery. and he told me that everything was perfect:roll_eyes:

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I put the skills and attitudes for which she was trained. and which she knows how to handle perfectly.
conversation in mutual agreement.
as well as work for which she feels very capable of solving those types of problems and adapting easily.
put skills and work that does not know how to perform (it would not be anything ethical, since it would be lying).
Thanks for the answer, friend

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@guilarteluis, I’m sorry this happened to you just being started but please, do as @smiler3d and @misscrystal said. Take their advice, it’s for your own good.

I would have advice you the same thing and for the same reasons. Never promise nor offer what’s not in your hands to happen.


Absolutely right… Letting Go of What You Can’t Control

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All falls are part of the process. to improve every day. thank you for your advices @zeetbear @maitasun @misscrystal @smiler3d @designer_pro2