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Why Are These Sellers Taking on Jobs they can't FINISH!


These Sellers are quick to ask for a tip, but can’t use spellcheck or deliver on time??


Sounds like you’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel. Good sellers never ask for tips, usually always deliver on time and most of the time, will thoroughly check work prior to delivery. A consistent bad run of sellers failing at all of the above means that you need to aim a little higher when ordering.

Sorry for the bad experience, though.


What he said. Really sorry for you bad luck, but by far not all sellers are like that.
I wish you better luck next time. Make sure you look at all the seller’s gig descriptions, before you order. Everyone gets typos and things when chatting through inbox (especially when on the phone), or writing a forum post, but some sellers have already big mistakes/typos in their profile and description, which can serve as a nice red flag.


Fiverr has a really efficient quality control system. One hardly gets any badge unless they have consistently delivered good quality work to the satisfaction of their buyers. Violation of TOS results in quick penalties. So the safest bet for you is to hire people with good reviews/levels/badges.


Everything @cyaxrex said. Plus: it’s the result of mindless pricing by the sellers who are desperate to get a sale. They promise everything within an unrealistic time span just to get orders. Then they realize that they just accepted a job that pays 2 cent an hour and soon they are history.


It is really sorry for you. Some of stupid type seller do this same attitude but they have no any quality for do the job


Yes you are right.


Sound very bad because All sellers never ask for tips, When you going to order any seller please read her profile carefully & text her before order about your job requirement. All seller are not bad skill select perfect seller for perfect task.


Sorry harun for the inconvenience It may be hard to believe but there are still time conscious and proffessiona lsellers at fiverr try me


You really messed that up. You might as well have just taken a flamethrower to your laptop.


It seems that Fiverr also has “European Union” as a country location these days. It doesn’t strike me that Kenya is a part of the EU, though.

I have to say, @essaywright, that as a person with a proofreading gig, you really should clean up your gig title. It’s in very obvious need of a quick proof, as is this post. I’m inclined to agree with Cy.


I want that location, so wunderbar!


<< It doesn’t strike me that Kenya is a part of the EU, though.>>

I wouldn´t say that, remember, wir sind alle Berliner.

On a tangentially related note: do they have the Vatican? I´d like that for my location. Could travel there and re-register. But I won´t fold me knees into a ryan air jet seat just for Italy.


They’re taking jobs that they can’t finish because their eyes are focused on the MONEY rather than the QUALITY.

Sometimes, you have to make a sacrifice and order higher quality work. Due to your poorer experiences, you probably have an idea of what’s unrealistic. Overall, it’s a mix of trial and error, plus honing your ability to pick out a BS-er.

I hope your experiences improve!




I often get tips but never ask for them. Good sellers deliver good work because they want the client to come back again. It is a lot better to have regular income as well as new buyers all of the time. Tarnia x


I guess you must have ordered someone who was not eligible for the job (obviously) but you were just attracted by the cheaper rates at which he offered his job.
I’m afraid many many sellers have started offering services at very low rates and 90% buyers are attracted towards them. At the end of the day,they don’t get the BEST turnout and still they feel bad for it.


Well, I saw your request concerning proofreading your document. There is something I have to tell you. I noticed the influx of many sellers into this site. Most of them have problems with the English language. I am not a native English speaker but I speak English language fluently. I am not advertising myself. Some of this sellers are incompetent, desperate to make sales, and I noticed that they also promise speedy delivery - faster than Usain Bolt.
I would have suggested ordering from sellers with badge but their prices are high.
Some of them still offer low prices. I will recommend that you should personally take a tour in the proofreading and editing wing, it’s safer because there, you tend to read the seller’s profile and gig description carefully, telling them what you are expecting from them. If they agree then you start negotiating price.
Finally, leaving a honest review will help other buyers in choosing the right seller.
*I stand to be corrected if I am wrong anyway.


“European Union” as country? lol. I got you after visiting his profile. Its strange! Now watch out for “Bermuda Triangle” as a country.


Don’t use exact same images in your 2 different gigs. Its against fiverr’s gig policy.