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Why are we still punished for user error?

Every so often, I get an order cancellation. It’s never because the buyer is dissatisfied. It’s always because the buyer cannot send me the requirements correctly. I work in mixing and mastering, and sending the audio file requirements is often times a struggle for novice customers.

I’ve gone as far as creating video tutorials for every major recording software with instructions on how to do what I need you to do.

Sometimes the customer simply cannot get it done and they cancel the order. Now, I’ve received an order, done ZERO work on it, the buyer cancels, and then WE as the sellers get our Order Completion percentages dropped. What is the deal with this?

This seems completely backwards. I understand if you start the order and the buyer is unsatisfied. But it is completely idiotic that we are penalized for some customers’ negligence.

Am I missing something?


Do you have the REQUIREMENTS part of your Gig filled out? The buyer would have to supply whatever info if you have that section before the clock can start. While that may not fix the problem entirely, I would suggest on orders where the buyer is lost as to what needs to be done and in the end, gives up and wants to cancel, maybe you can try going through Customer Service and asking them to cancel it in a way that does not affect your completion rate. This is clearly something that is not your fault and they may side with you.


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I do have requirements. Often times though, the requirements look ok upon first glance but things can start to drift as I start to work on the project. A common thing are audio files being out of time with each other. It’s something that’s hard to notice until you really dive into the song.

Also, I used to be able to reach out to Fiverr Customer Support about this and they were always helpful. Now I can’t figure out where to send a support request. They’ve redone their entire support site to be based around the FAQ and Forums, making it hard to explain situations.

If you know of where to submit a support request let me know! Thanks!



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I happen to like how Fiverr works.

I’ve had cancellations.

It happens.

I also owned my own business for several years.

I had customers order things then cancel for no reason (at least they didn’t say why).

Fiverr operates just like a real-world business would operate.

It is the way it is.

I understand. My complaint is that there seems to be no difference between user error and an unsatisfied customer delivery. Because order completion is made into a seller statistic, this impacts my ability to sell to future clients on Fiverr.

A cancellation based on a user’s inability to submit the correct order requirements should not reflect my seller statistics, as I didn’t even have the opportunity to deliver them something. I also had a cancellation because a buyer accidentally submitted two orders without knowing. This also shouldn’t impact my statistics.

I get both sides here. I’m just frustrated that I even need to dispute these things. There should be rules to what is considered an early cancellation and what is a cancellation because they are unsatisfied.

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I feel your pain.

I’ve had Buyers I’ve had to guide by the hand on how to place an order with me.

It’s just an issue of Buyers not reading the ToS just like Sellers tend to ignore and wonder why they got a warning for something like spamming or requesting reviews.

Nobody reads the details.

Sadly, that stings when it results in a situation like yours (which is probably more common than you think).

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" Fiverr operates just like a real-world business would operate.

It is the way it is. "

The issue in this is that in here your profile gets demoted , looks bad to potential new buyer without any fault of yours .

Just like a real world business.

Been there.

Unhappy customers rant about something and business goes down as you spend time and money on damage control.

Instead, here you just get demoted.

I’d rather live through the Fiverr “punishment” as it is easier to take in the long run and costs less.

Clearly you did something wrong if you get demoted. A single cancellation from an order not placed properly won’t make a dent, at least most of the time.

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I am not talking about my personal experience . Though i have faced few cancellations when buyer places the order without any communication and then cancels it .

I am only talking about scenario’s like this and nothing else . In my opinion , cancellation of order due to buyer’s error should not reflect on seller .

I hear you. It is very hard to get music materials sent through properly first time.

Especially if you work with first timers. I find Pop & Rap people the worst and rarely work with them. They are so deluded in what the real music game is about. Seem to think that some mumbling into their phone whilst sitting on the loo will, for $5-15 be guaranteed to become a Grammy winning Spotifry hit in 24 hours if only they can hire a Pro Studio with Analog gear. Pffft what a pile of walloping cods. God forbid they make a video and put it on YouTube!!!

Put your prices up, talk to them first and make it very clear in your Requirements Form that poorly presented assets will require a full resend or extra fees.


I respect your common sense view on many subjects in the forum, but on this we differ!

As a business owner in the real world, you can make a rational decision about whether to allow a cancellation or not. If it’s your business - then you decide how reasonable or not a cancellation request is and what the impact will be on your business. Do you hand back a deposit, for example? Is the client likely to badmouth you to a wider community, even though they were at fault? The point I’m making is that in the real world, as a business owner, you have the final say.

However, the assumption on Fiverr is that regardless of the measures the seller has taken to protect their account from bad / novice / inconsiderate or even scam buyers - the seller is at fault and sees their stats hit.

I do agree that the world keeps on spinning after a single cancellation, however if you get two or three bad buyers in quick succession, then this could potentially impact a seller’s ability to attract orders for a time. And it is this point that I think the op is making. If a cancellation is mutual then, in my humble opinion, there should be no impact on the seller. However, this is not the case.

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Pretty much hit the nail on the head! Thanks!

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Fiverr is my preferred freelancing platform - it has many advantages. However, there are also some aspects that I find infuriating. One of them is the way that sellers are impacted by mutual cancellations and lazy buyers who don’t communicate effectively.

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Yes! The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. And Fiverr support is amazing! They’ve always been helpful in a situation like you and I have described. But I think the site rules just need to be tweaked so we, as sellers, don’t have to jump through hoops to make sure our stats aren’t affected.

I understand that Fiverr has to have the interest of both the seller and buyer. But since we are giving them a massive 20% of sales as it is…I would think that Fiverr would be looking out for their sellers’ best interest. Mutual cancellations/user error shouldn’t impact our ability to sell in the future.

Hey, thanks for your kind words.

Here’s my real-life experience comparison.

I was in the newspaper business for 16 years. For most of those, I owned a weekly paper.

Me (the Seller) would sell advertising and subscriptions to businesses, and local individuals (the Buyers).

A Buyer who did not like our advertising rates would cancel their ads at a moment’s notice without giving a reason. As we billed for advertising at the end of each month, we’d have to eat that cost.

We would be penalized by the Buyer for no fault of ours other than trying to conduct business.

Subscribers would cancel getting the paper sent to them for something like, they didn’t agree with this week’s Editorial content. We’d have to eat that loss.

Again, penalized for no fault of our own.

As I said, Fiverr operates much like real-world business.

Maybe more like real-world business I can relate to.

However, you also have a solid argument as well.

I’m just offering a slightly different perspective and it’s fun to do so as it can generate an interesting dialogue.

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