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Why are you not getting sales? Let's Find Out Together! - UPYOUR

This post is aimed at getting some ideas about the most common problems we face as sellers.

If we can get a lot of people taking part, it will help to identify what kind of posts are most needed. Please tick all the statements below that apply to you or that you agree with. If the poll gets a good response I aim to work hard on some very specific posts that will help with specific issues that people are facing with the aim of increasing sales and the value of sales for us all.
Take part and be honest in your answers!
EDIT: I want to point out that out of those who have voted so far, more than half are TRS or level 2 with over 500 sales. Does this mean that these successful people looking for advice must not be that successful after all? NO! They are successful because they ask for advice when needed and take all the help they can get!
EDIT 2: If you receive an inbox message offering you “help” with a problem you voted on below then I suggest you flag that seller for SPAM immediately. If you are thinking of messaging people who respond below then you really shouldn’t as SPAM is likely to get you suspended or banned from Fiverr.

  • I don’t show up in search results
  • Too many sellers offer the same thing
  • Fiverr is collapsing due to bad publicity etc
  • Buyers won’t buy from new sellers
  • Buyers won’t buy from level 1 sellers
  • Buyers only want new sellers cos they are cheap (Level 2/TRS complaint)
  • Fiverr is not advertising enough
  • My marketing is not working even though I spend a lot of time and money on it
  • I am not doing enough marketing
  • I delivered some orders late and now my delivered on time rate is less than 90%
  • I have a cancellation rate of more than 5%
  • I don’t get orders since I became level 1/level 2
  • I got a/some bad reviews and am not getting sales now
  • I get a lot of repeat buyers (more than 50% of your sales)
  • I get some repeat buyers (20-50% of your sales)
  • I get few or no repeat buyers (less than 20% of sales)
  • I have got at least one order from social media
  • I have got at least one order from a client I brought to Fiverr myself
  • I tell people I know that I work on Fiverr
  • I have refused to cancel an order for a client (tick if you have, even if CS cancelled it afterwards)

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This post is one of a series of posts I am doing which are aimed at helping sellers to Up Their Game and begin to earn more from their work, gain new clients and make the most of being a freelancer. The posts will be based on This Poll which is still open so if you haven’t made your voice heard, please do so as the more that vote on an issue in that poll, the more likely I am to post about that issue.
To see all posts in the series, Click Here


When I was still selling, I almost never did what I was supposed to do. But I never complained, I knew it was all on me. I never had problems with this platform. I think new sellers should take a look at themselves in a mirror before blaming on anything else or others.


I’m aware that it sounds mean but I’d personally add

“My gig simply sucks because I did not put in enough time and effort to set it up and I stole images online”


I noticed some new sellers are like that. Their threads are usually entertaining :slight_smile:

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Who is going to tick that box? :smiley:
Those who should probably believe ticking boxes in a poll is too much effort to make.
No matter what I write about they won’t follow it anyway! This poll and the posts I make based on this will be for people of any level who are prepared to work for success and not just expect it to happen because they want money.


I would like to add…“Some of my gigs aren’t showing in the right category, which can also have a big impact on sales.”


You missed one:

Saying inappropriate and/or unnecessary comments about buyers on forum! I think sometimes people forget this is a public forum and not everyone is signed in when reading.

I checked out a gig by a seller who gave very good, coherent advices to others. They had awesome gigs that I liked and needed. Never having worked with them before, I searched them on the forum.

I found an old post - over a year old - where this seller said the most awful things. It was more than simple ranting but just plain nasty. It gave me the impression they could be hard to work with, so I ended up going with someone else.

There is a difference between venting about a situation and being just horrible. I hate nasty buyers and sellers. I’m good with anyone talking about A situation about one buyer or seller. I’m not okay with “let’s punish buyers/sellers,” or name calling like, “buyers/sellers are idiots, etc.”

Well, if you feel buyers are idiots, then quit selling here. If think sellers are idiots, then quit buying here. Problem solved.

Unless you specifically asked your buyers, “How did you find me?” As part of your filling out requirements, you really have no idea how many came from reading forum.

Vent, complain, shout, scream, . . . On the forum! Do it with some dignity and professionalism.


So true. (20 characterzzzz).


…uuuhh…well…someone…might…? When they are drunk!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wine_glass:


We need to make this into a BINGO board


:smile: brilliant! A Fiverr forum bingo board would be awesome!
A drinking game could also work although it could be dangerous…


Is the “delivered on time” percentage shown to the buyers anywhere (I don’t see it on the profile)? If not, and unless the buyer mentions it (or rates because of it) how would that affect future sales? Does the Fiverr algorithm take that into account when showing the top gigs by category?

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It might affect gig ranking.


It’s not shown anywhere except to you. I believe it to be a big factor if it is low enough - less than 80% can be devastating if you don’t have any repeat buyers to bring it back up fairly quickly.


Though there is also buyers requests. All my orders have been through that. Though now that mostly seems to be full of seller adverts, incorrectly added requests, requests that would likely be infringing copyright to do, etc.

I’m sure buyer request used to have a lot more quality requests than it does now. Maybe it’s because there’s a lot more sellers and they’re quickly taking the good requests, or their increased numbers are reducing the probability of an offer on one getting accepted.

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In my humble opinion, you are the only person responsible for your success or your fail, if things don’t turn out as expected, just change, do something different. If you do the same you always get the same result


Nope. That would be pretty useful things to see.


and if they can see those, no body will get any order… Mine cancellation rate is :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down:


Cancellation rate affects “Orders Completed”, not “Delivered on Time”.


I know… Those three are shown together. So when Gina said she want to see it, I referred to it as well.