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Why aren't funds clearing?

So, “Order Revenue” is when an order is completed, correct? And “Funds Cleared” is when I can withdraw it, right?

So why do I have orders from all the way back in June that don’t have “Funds Cleared” on the label?

I’m a bit confused and if my math is right, I should have a lot more money available for withdrawal right now.

I’m not sure if “report a bug” is the right category for this, but I hope someone can give me direction about what is going on.


I’m having this problem too. I’ve got order revenue from back in July that aren’t clearing.

After I complete the orders I have now I’m not doing anymore until I get my current funds cleared… not working for nothing here!

It takes 14-17 days to clear funds. If it takes longer time please contact CS.

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I just checked everything. It’s been two years and some of them have not cleared. I feel pretty stupid for not catching this earlier.