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Why aren't there any Art or Artist related in Category list?

I am just wondering, how come Fiverr didn’t give us artists, designers and painters the option to have some little fun discuss about art and design such as anatomy drawing idea, colors tip or share fun artwork on the forum with another artist under “Art & Design” category?

For example: Any artists can join in talks about the tools of use for art like a drawing tablet and the use of art program such Photoshop, ArtRage 2 or Corel Painter, etc.

I saw they have music discussion on the forum… So art should be list too. (Sigh)

Just. Saying…

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The music category is very new. It’s possible that it’s a test, to see how well it does (or doesn’t).


Ah, no wonder why. Thanks for clarify this, imagination7413. I can only hope there is a list category for artist to share about their fun creative works on the forum with other artists in the future! :slight_smile:

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To be brutally honest, the music category is a dead zone…

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New Categories are always welcome on fiverr. If you get on a particular niche early, you might get lucky and get alot of clients

He is NOT talking about a category to list your Gigs in and sell, he is talking about a category on the FORUM where artists can talk art etc.



I can understand your enthusiasm for this subject as you are a very talented artist and your work is excellent. :slightly_smiling_face:


Aww thank you kindly, lloydsolutions!

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If you would like to share your gig link you just need to create a new topic under the category My Fiverr Gigs as it is allowed to advertise your gigs in that category only.

Suggest you do that as your work is well worth showcasing.

PS. Hope you will keep visiting the forum.


Will do. Thank you so much!

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I will try visiting the forum as best as I can, but I will only read whenever I find important posts to read like your suggestions for example. However, I won’t be spending too much times replying to other sellers and buyers from now on.

Well honestly, I find imagination7413, genuineguidance and your post-replies to other sellers are the best I have ever read on the forum (in my opinion). Because it helps me learn and understand how Fiverr work. :slight_smile:

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