Why aren't there more buyers on the forum?


Yes, it’s a seller dominated forum as I said before and the statement above confirms it at it’s best. -A buyer-

Mod Note: This comment and subsequent comments were off topic in another thread so this Topic has been created to allow this discussion to continue/take place. A quote from the previous topic was originally included but was out of context so it has been removed from here however the sentiment of this being “a seller dominated forum” is what is up for discussion.

Mayday! Mayday! Negative Review

You are taking it out of context. I meant in the sense of not revealing any specifics of the buyer as they may not appreciate it. Not out of disrespect to the buyer, but out of respect for his privacy. I don’t understand how you can make this out to be an anti-buyer statement when it is actually the opposite of that. You can see I have not said anything about the buyer or gone into the specifics of the order, despite having a negative experience from him.


Why you always say things like this and ready to start a bitter conversation.


Sorry if so but then quote with context next time…


I don’t agree with you. I am responsible for what I say (write) not for what you understand. Thank you.


Perfect response.

Seems to me all @multisync3 seeks with his presence on the forum is to prove how biased it is against buyers. Funny that it is not even a forum for fiverr officials. I’d say, if you are not okay with it, get out of it! It’s, really, pretty simple :astonished: for crying out loud!


Thanks, but you do the proof for me with your comment. Why are here no buyers? Because of such comments? No, really? Ask yourself…

The argument “we seller are also buyers” doesn’t count for me as your priority is to sell not to buy.

If funny or not for you - I will always have the view of a buyer first (as you have for a seller)


Then, LEAVE!!!

Or at least comment on-topic. We’ve got someone who is solely a buyer. She comments constructively. No, she’s not always in support of our thoughts, but she points that out reasonably, not by beginning an argument with everyone termed “seller.”

IF you have to comment, follow the topic. Point out whatever you disagree with. When you appreciate something (pertaining to buyer or seller), state it. You’ll be surprised how much less feuds you’ll have (although, I’ve got a nagging feeling that feuds actually drive you).

Again, if you can’t stand the forum, LEAVE. Except someone has got you completely tied to it, without providing an out.

Meanwhile, I’m done replying you!!


I see you’ve made a new friend, multi!


YOU don’t push me out here. Seem you can’t stand the critics here not me! WHO ARE YOU to tell me to leave? If you want to contribute to my input I am fine with it.

BTW thx for the hint. So 2 buyers in total in the sea of sellers? Just asking?


I can take it emmaki…:wink:


Look we can all be friends here if you please take that " seller dominated forum" thing out of your mind. Believe me there is nothing like that here.


I really would follow your argument but show me the buyers in the forum? I believe I say nothing wrong when I say buyers are by far less part of this forum. I can’t say why but just assume bcs of the significant high share of sellers posting here and often not in a good way towards buyers. I myself feel actually somehow unfairly “influenced” by posting what I post. It is a seller dominated forum even if you don’t like to hear it. So the question / topic “Why aren’t there more buyers on the forum?” is most valid. I am your friend even if I have another opinion - if I am not your fried BECAUSE I have another opinion, well then it’s your issue.


Why aren’t there more buyers on the forum?

Because they do not see the need to come here. They are only interested in buying.

Sellers need the forum to share information and ideas about our sales and our businesses.


I guess you are really FRIED

So it means it is also our fault if they don’t come here. As @misscrystal said, they don’t need it because they don’t have problems most often like sellers have regarding everything site, order etc…


Please do go and round up as many buyers as you can to participate in the forums, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. As has been said (really well) by others, it’s not the fault of sellers if the majority of buyers have nothing to contribute, so please stop flaming us for the inactivity of others.


Lol, obviously friends…but yes, I feel sometimes fried or grilled but can take it.
Did I said it’s “your” fault why they not here? No, I didn’t and if you look again at the content then you can see a question mark is behind the conversation topic.

Maybe one reason is indeed they get fried/grilled when they post some thing as it’s like 10:1 pro seller statements (maybe exaggerated?).

But I am convinced you are smart as you see a difference between my misspelled fried and friend, so I am further convinced you see also the discrepancy in the amount of sellers and buyers in the forum.

Again I have to disagree…

Buyers towards sellers have surely similar problems as sellers towards buyers and it’s even recognized by Fiverr itself e.g. in the new policy asking to avoid cancellations…to mention one issue.

Think about it…


I see your point partly and I don’t flaming you “for the inactivity” of others. I really would like to elaborate why it is as it is. “Why aren’t there more buyers on the forum?”

One possible reason I already mentioned several times, so I won’t repeat it again.

Another reason might be that a buyer is “happy” to get a refund if things get worse and by what I read at the forum and my own experience such refunds are often triggered by the seller (to avoid a negative feedback).

A refund can be seen as a “corrective action” but what about “preventive actions”? To avoid e.g. cancellations and negative ratings?

Other options please…


Well as far as I remember, if I am not wrong @gina_riley2 is also a buyer but I haven’t seen her saying things like that.

Anyway now you are FRYing me. So i dont want drag this useless conversation with you when there is not even a single valid point in it.

Please dont get offensive, you can continue.


I don’t know - maybe they’re enjoying themselves elsewhere?

I buy on ebay - never once visited their forum, same on Amazon. I buy stuff from Tesco and Asda - don’t need to use their forums as a buyer, because they don’t have one. They may well have a message board system for their sellers, but it would be of little interest to buyers.

I’m sorry Tom, you’ve lost me with this - you keep bringing everything back to being the fault of the sellers, whatever the everything is. You seem to have had a couple of poor experiences, which is a great shame. I hope that from what you’ve read on here, you’ll see that the majority of sellers are not underhand and nasty , and that we do actually try our best for our clients.

Could we maybe just leave it at that, as none of us sellers can tell you why there aren’t more buyers.

How about asking us a question we might have a chance of answering?