Why aren't there more buyers on the forum?




Cracking meme @djgodknows! Now if only we could find all those buyers!


For those of you clueless to the above reference



I can’t talk for all the buyers since everyone has different tasks. But, for me, I have other practical things to do besides being on the forum. I believe that is one of the reasons why there are not a lot of buyers on the forum.


I actually think there are more buyers here than you think. I think many are just silent and read some info but don’t feel the need to engage. One of my first posts was specifically to help buyers in using the site - it received over 50,000 views and gave rise to some questions and comments from buyers. I have followed that up with others which have been received similar responses.
I was a buyer before being a seller and only visited the forum for the first time when I became a seller and was waiting for a buyer who was slow in communication. Before that I didn’t feel any need to visit yet another place where random people give their opinions randomly. Only when I started engaging did I realize the value of the forum for gaining info both as a buyer and seller. I really wish more buyers checked the forum for info BEFORE buying as a lot of those who post complaints and rants could have avoided them if they had.

Some of the most useful info on the forum comes from buyers and it would be great if more did get involved in a positive way. I don’t see any evidence that buyers get chased away or put off by seller responses unless they are offensive or irritating - sellers also get chased by sellers for the same reasons so it is because of how they behave, not who they are. As @offlinehelpers says, most buyers don’t feel the need to engage here, they come, they buy, they leave. Those who do are treated with respect, their questions answered or are advised on how to deal with problems.


@multisync3: From one buyer to the next, I have no problem with both buyers and sellers ranting about bad experiences but you are getting ridiculous.

You’ve had a couple of bad experience from a handful of purchases. I’ve had several from over 120 purchases.

There are two sides to every story. You are entitled to tell yours.

Instead of criticizing and arguing with every seller, you need to chill, sit back and listen to the advices of the experienced people here.

Many sellers are also avid buyers. They have had way worse experience than yours because they have bought more.

I choose not to make assumptions about all sellers based on a few. When you have built a long term relationship with your seller (the good one) there will be a trust factor. They trust you won’t screw them and you know they will do great work for fraction of what you pay elsewhere.

Doing little things like giving them an advanced tip (without demanding any special treatment) let’s them know how much you appreciate them. All experienced top sellers are leary of new buyer, because they don’t know you.

Theses folks have had to deal with chargebacks, cancellations because people order something they can’t do - then get slammed with 1 star review, etc.

I agree that there are some sellers here that should never have open up shop and I would love to see them gone.

Learn more about 5R and how it works by reading more.



Bravo!.. Bravo! :cry:


Saying like that? Offensive? Quote me where I was offensive! But again I am responsible for what I wrote not for what you understand. We don’t need to agree and if this conversation is useless for you as you “don’t see a single valid point” then mute this conversation as you can’t obviously take critics. If you don’t recognize this forum as a “seller dominated” one, then you are in denial. Cheers.


Thank you. I listen and I read and do my own conclusion…

I don’t deny, but the sellers are here to sell and and make money in “the freelance kindergarden”. Selling is the first priority, buying the second.

And I do either. Of course my negative experience with unfulfilled gigs do have a share of impact on my judgement - which is normal, but I don’t rant just because I am saying this forum is “seller dominated”. It is, and everyone who doesn’t see it is in denial. I never said all sellers are bad but surely there are as there are bad buyers.

The rating system is an issue and even experienced members already addressed that and it’s probably often the buyers fault as they doing the rating too early for example.


I came to the forum as a buyer and a few years later the forum kinda turned me in to a seller for a while. I think allot of sellers have started out as buyers.


I am starting to like you more :smiley:



I also think sellers are just more invested in Fiverr. Sellers depend for a part (or perhaps all) of their income on Fiverr. I couldn’t be bothered to join a forum about supermarkets or about any other service I buy :slight_smile:


I am here. I am a buyer.
I just discovered the forums a few days ago. This is my 3rd comment on any forum here. I mostly read and educate myself.
Through reading the forums, I have placed orders with a couple of sellers whose comments led me to believe they were the right people for the task. I learned some things to watch out for, which affected my decision making on at least 2 orders I placed since reading the forums.
I am confident other buyers are reading the forums off and on. Not everyone may feel the urge to comment. :slight_smile:


I lurked for over a month before I made my 1st comment. I went away then came back and read for several months, only occasionally making comments.

I’ve been posting a great deal more since the new platform was introduced. :grinning: