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Why asking for modification after delivery time costing sellers late delivery?


Hi there ,
i recently got late delivery when i delivered work in time of delivery but buyer ask for modification 2 days after delivery time is over
its like punishing sellers for crime they didn’t do
asking modification should not cause seller late delivery if they delivered work on time


As far as I am aware, if you deliver your work on time, and the client requests a revision, it SAYS late, but it is not marked as late in your statistics. I may be wrong though. @eoinfinnegan would know better than I do. Possibly @writer99025 too, he has completed more order than I.


ok thank you :slight_smile:


Pretty sure you’re correct :slight_smile:


Yep, that is correct


As someone who has never delivered work late, how long do you have after a revision is requested before the order gets marked as late or available for cancellation?


I believe never but I am not 100% on that!
This is why delivering blank is dealt with so strictly - because it is done to completely cut off a lot of the buyer’s control, which is a very bad buying experience.


I wondered about this also. I had a buyer ask me for a revision 24 hours after I delivered their order, on time. Which led to the red “LATE” flag being put up. I still wonder if that affected my overall ‘delivery on time’ rating.


Did you check in the analytics section? Updates to stats happen quickly.


I don’t think the new analytics section was rolled out when I was filling the aforementioned order. I think that order in which I was hired to devise a title for a podcast, was in early October. The analytics system I was notified of a week or so later.


dont worry as long as you deliver your first delivery before time it will not affect your rating


Thanks for all respond here. Now I will not phobia with rejected delivery again.


Hello, I am writing this to ask or more likely to share a reply back from CS.

Here it is:
Mason Yesterday at 23:12
Hi again Tomi,
I am sorry to hear about this issue.

Please note that the delivery time will resume if the buyer rejects your delivery, or if a Gig Extra is purchased. Your delivery rate will also be affected by late deliveries and rejection from buyers. Please, do have this in mind.

For example, every time that your order has overreached the time that you have initially put that you need to finish the work, the will affect your delivery time. For instance, if you have stated that you will deliver work in 5 days and you do after 4th day, the counter will stop. If at that time your buyer wants modifications, and you tell him that you need 2 extra days to finish it, you will overreach the initial time you have put that you need to complete the project. it will be 4+2 days=6 days. You are running 1 day late behind. This is one example when your delivery rate will be affected. Not because you have delivered late, but because it took you more time to finish the buyer’s changes.

We appreciate your feedback. Your comments have been forwarded with our Product Developers.

Kind regards,

If anyone can explain it better I will be very happy.



Thank you so much merachev