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Why "Avaialable Now" option is not availabe in my account?

I am an active member since Jan,2018 and I have completed over 30 orders with five ratings.
But I don’t have the “Available Now” option in my account.
I want to know why? Is there any way to make it available in my account too?

Thank you,

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Check this article it will help

Yes, I have Same question too.:pensive:

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It’s in beta version its not available to everyone yet even i dont have it

Can you clear me that, what is Beta version? And why my account is not under in Beta Version?

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Beta version is a version of a piece of feature / software that is made available for testing, typically to a limited number of users

Okay, But why my account was not choice for testing this feature? Do you know?

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No its on fiverr :slight_smile: