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Why available now button stops automatically


I have activated the available now button for 5 hours, but after some time I found my available now button gets deactivated automatically, can someone please lead me and suggest me what should I do.


Start it again when it stops.


But why this problem is coming, their might be some solution to solve it.


They do not want you to leave it on when you are not there so that’s why it stops, so you have to start it again.


If it is automatically turned off mean you didn’t replied to last message in time( i think you should reply withing 5 minutes)…after it’s automatically turn off 3 will block for 30 days.


No, actually the normal response time is 2 minutes. and if someone fails to do so he gets notified. Fiverr gives him the 1st warning and on 3rd warning, the available now button is completely deactivated.