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Why AVAILABLE NOW is a terribly implemented feature


Now that the Beta is over and the feature is in production for everyday use it’s clear that not much has been done to improve the initial user experience of this ‘feature’. It’s poorly designed and another Fiverr product release that seems DESIGNED TO FAIL SELLERS.

In theory it is a nice idea. “Hey world, I’m available now to help you…”

Who wouldn’t like this feature? You’re sitting in front of your computer and want to let potential clients know that you are ‘there’ and ready to be contacted. However, Fiverr has again burdened the seller with aggressive business rules that all too often penalize the seller when they are trying to just do normal business.

How? The notification system is terrible and often leads to you missing the 5 min response window.

There is NO AUDIBLE notification for the user, which would greatly help alert them to a message they have to respond to. Remember, In most cases, the user is simply working on something and they toggle this on…they aren’t just flipping it on and staring at that navigation bar looking for a pink dot to show up.

Say you DO get the notification and open the message and that potential buyer has asked you a long winded question. If you take six minutes to craft an impressive response THEN YOU FAIL.

Why do these features that Fiverr releases all to easily penalize the user? What’s the point behind hammering people with an arbitrary time limit? And then locking them out for 30 days if they strike out a couple more times?

Again, a really cool idea that would help users if it wasn’t so poorly done in a manner that all too easily can penalize you (looking at you new seller rating level system…)

Hey Fiverr management…these are logical thoughts for improvement to your system, provided at no charge to you.


Though if the response is going to be long you could give a short first response and then a more detailed response, and maybe say you will give a more detailed answer soon in the first response.


Of course, but to the first time user or infrequent user, this has to been known, right?


The AVAILABLE NOW option still has errors.
This morning I stayed online with notification on, when a buyer contact me, the notification requires TWO minutes response time - which I failed to achieve.
That’s when I stayed online using browser.
If I wait for a notification email, it will take several minutes and 5 minutes response time is impossible.
Fiverr staffs, if you are reading this please raise the limit to at least 15 minutes, also check the glitch that require 2 minutes respond time.
Thanks you


Yes fully agree.

Great idea but needs to be practical for sellers.

Time limit definitely should be increased