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Why "Available NOW" is not available for last three months?

I’m not able to use the feature “Available NOW” since last of March. It might be blocked for one month since I couldn’t reply to 3 of my Available Now messages. But why for a long time, even I’ve a required status?

Please help me to understand, what actually happens. I might have a wrong idea about it.
Thanks all.

Lots of people have that at the moment. It is being tested so don’t think there is much you can do about it.


That means it’s under development? But I’m seeing, there are some people still using this features…

contact CS, It might help i do use it…

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This feature is not available for me yet.
I hope they will officially launch it very soon.

In your concern, I think the problem is with the “Delivered on time” because it is 98%.

no thats not reason because i use this option with 80% Delivered on Time

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Oh!! Sorry for the wrong explanation.