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Why AVAILABLE NOW isn't Available yet!

The AVAILABLE NOW - Beta Version :robot: was launched and gave to some selected users and new users to test this feature!
Is it successful or naah? :confused:
If yes then,
Why it isn’t available to all users yet? :thinking:
Anyone have any idea / suggestion ! :roll_eyes:


it’s still in Beta version. when it will be available then you will get the available now feature


A Beta version can take a while to be tested - I still remember that in 2010, Fiverr was in Beta for years. True, it was the whole platform in beta, and this is a small feature - but still… when it will be ready, you’ll know. :wink:


Same here i did not get this feature and also not portfolio feature But i added my portfolio links of

When i contacted with CS Team
They replied

Well don’t worry about it, i hope they will give this to all users within few months :wink:

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Yo :v::v::v:
Waiting :slight_smile:

I hope it will be available soon.

Same here buddy!
I don’t have these 2 features…

i hope they will give this to all users within few months :wink:

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So you’re :zero: for :zero:!
What about the milestones feature?

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I think it is doing well till now, it should be available soon I guess :smiley:

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you need to follow those things in a month
Less than 5 active orders
More than 5 orders completed
Low cancellation rate
than available feature enable for your profile.But if you enable available now you need to give reply within 5 minutes if you fail for reply within 5 min you can blocked for using this features for one month & if you follow those 3 things again in next month you can re enable and use this feature like before.
if you have this feature its very helpful for get more orders because most buyer search profile by click on available now and want to see available now profiles and place orders.
Thank you… :slight_smile:


I am still waiting :timer_clock:

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Anyone know if this feature is still available, or if it’s being rolled out to more users? I actually never knew about this feature until I stumbled upon the topic in the forum today.

I still have it (don´t use it, though) and I can see it on some people´s gigs.

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There seems to be a bug because I was using it regularly for a while, I have no idea if it helped or not, but now, even though I have a 5-star rating and zero cancellations/late deliveries, I can’t use it because it says I don’t have a high completion/satisfaction score. Is this a new bug?

I think so…when its gone Even I don’t get any order…its really important so much for me :disappointed_relieved:

same here. I have a 5 star rating and zero cancellations.

Right now this feature is not available, to no one!
I was able to use it until a couple of weeks ago where it was disabled.
I contacted CS and was told it is temporarily disabled.

Just checked - mine’s working again!