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Why awailable now option is not availble to every seller?


I want to know about available now option


If you search on the forum, you’ll see that this is a BETA feature currently being tested.

Fiverr doesn’t want to give an in-test beta feature to everyone since there’s a risk for bugs and malfunctions, so they selected a group of sellers who can test the feature before being released to everyone.

Once this feature is tested, Fiverr will make it available to everyone. Until then you just need to have patience.

P.S. even if you’d have this feature, not all buyers can use it at the moment, so it won’t help you that much while it’s being tested.


Thank u for your answer.


I think they should have it for everyone regardless of whether or not they have orders in their queue or whether or not they have old orders that never started.

If you are available now you are available now.

It unfairly penalizes good sellers to just have it for those who have fewer orders.